Kevin Sousa Obituary & Cause Of Death, Hermosa Beach Guitarist Passed Away

Kevin Sousa Obituary & Cause Of Death, Hermosa Beach Guitarist Passed Away: Shock waves are blowing from Hermosa Beach, California where a renowned musician named Kevin Sousa passed away. Yes, you heard it right, Kevin Sousa who was a guitarist and owner of a band, has died. Reportedly, Kevin Sousa Band guitarist breathed his last on Saturday, 27th May 2023. Ever since Kevin Sousa death news broke out, people have been mourning his untimely demise but they are also in a frenzy to know what happened to him or how did he die. In the following sections, we have discussed some important details that our sources found. Scroll down.

Kevin Sousa Obituary & Cause Of Death, Hermosa Beach Guitarist Passed Away

Kevin Sousa Death: How Did He Die?

Well-known musician and owner of Kevin Sousa Band left behind his wife and other family members. He had performed and worked with renowned artists from Los Angeles and South Bay. In addition, Kevin Sousa was the owner of Hermosa Therapy LLC and was also involved in various social activities as he was the Program Director of the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation. The late guitarist also owned Hermosa Music Co. and served as Miriam’s House’s clinical director and psychotherapist-counselor.

Kevin Sousa Obituary & Cause Of Death, Hermosa Beach Guitarist Passed Away

Christian Baker said, “I’m sad to hear that Kevin is not physically with us anymore. But his spirit was so big. So full. So love-giving and creative. He’s not gone. He’s still very much with all of us. The only picture I have of him. Kevin Sousa was a special musician and an even more magical person. We were new parents in California and didn’t have a “community”. We went to Kevin’s gig on a rare baby free night and he opened his gig up to anyone who wanted to join.”

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Kevin Sousa Cause Of Death

The most asked and searched question by people after hearing of his death is, how did he die or what happened to him? However, Kevin Sousa’s family or band has not released any official statement to disclose what caused him to die suddenly but an unofficial report has explained the circumstances surrounding Kevin Sousa death.

Reportedly, the owner of Hermosa Music Co. was involved in a car accident in which he sustained fatal injuries. If this report is true, Kevin Sousa’s cause of death was linked to his accident. But it is still under scrutiny what led to the deadly accident.

Kevin Sousa Obituary

People have been mourning his death and sending their warmest condolences to his family.

Nathaniel LaPointe posted, “The South Bay lost another dear friend yesterday. Kevin Sousa was so many things…a leader, an immense talent, a friend, a husband. His support for the music community can not be overstated. I knew him for many years, but finally in 2022 we were able to make some music together for the first time. This video here is take one. No rehearsal, we didn’t even talk through the arrangement, we just started playing. The connection was natural and we immediately cranked out two more songs.”

Information regarding Kevin Sousa’s funeral will be shared once the family releases an official statement. Stay tuned.

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