RIP: Bassist Ernie Aguilar Shot Dead In Nashville Tennessee, Obituary & Funeral

Bassist Ernie Aguilar Shot Dead In Nashville Tennessee, Obituary & Funeral: We are shattered to announce the death report of a person. Metro Nashville Police identified the man who died due to a shot at an apartment complex. The incident occurred on this Saturday morning. The officers identified the man, who came to be known as 60-year-old Rodrigo Aguilar. The news was devastating for the apartment members where Rodrigo Aguilar used to live. What happened next? Read the article to know the further police statement.

Bassist Ernie Aguilar Shot Dead In Nashville Tennessee, Obituary & Funeral

Police analyzed the surveillance footage where they found Rodrigo Aguilar returning home from work around 1:30 a.m. Seemingly, he was unloading his vehicle and then walked toward the area where this incident took place. Before going he noticed something off the camera.

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Ernie Aguilar Shot Dead

According to the police, he died at the crime scene.

Trudi Williams gave her statement. Rodrigo Aguilar was found shot dead in front of her apartment. Trudi Williams is known to Rodrigo Aguilar. She was completely shocked and shattered after seeing Rodrigo’s dead body.

“I was in total shock. I’ve experienced a lot in my life when I stepped outside the apartment door,” Trudi Williams described. “He was a nice man, I used to meet him on several occasions.”

William stated to the police that she heard 5-7 shots approximately at 2 a.m. That morning she did not realize what was happening outside my door but when she stepped outside to walk her dog, found the dead body of Rodrigo Aguilar.

“I was taking my dog for the morning walk. I found the dead body in front of the yard,” Williams explained. “It just breaks my heart to see that he was somebody’s loved one and I don’t  know the reason why this incident happened but in the end, he was somebody’s loved one,”

Ernie Aguilar Found Dead

When William opened her door, she found the dead body of Rodrigo Aguilar, Afterward, she called 911 to inform this incident.

William used to meet Rodrigo on several occasions. She also stated that Rodrigo was the one of nicest people I ever met.

MNPD stated that if anyone has information about Aguilar’s murder, they can report it to Nashville Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463.

Metro police are still investigating this case as they are looking for the tiny clue which could help to find the perpetrator.

Ernie Aguilar Obituary

Ralph Fehr wrote, “Posting in memory of Ernie Aguilar, Julie’s Nashville based bass player. Second from right in this photo. Found murdered in the lane behind his home today. No details yet. Super guy who became a great friend in short order…and great bass player and vocalist. I’m sad and angry right now. Not sure how to grieve a murdered friend.”

Oliver Steele posted, “I’m at a loss. I’m in between crying and not being able to cry…the man on the right is my “uncle” Ernie Aguilar. He, along with my ”uncle” Gary on the other side of my dad, has known me ever since I was a baby, and has been friends with my father a long, long time. He was an incredible musician, and one of the kindest people I knew. Just like uncle Gary, Ernie loved me and my sister as if we were his own kids. His love and guidance was unconditional, and he was the type of person that would go out of his way to help you out. I’m sitting here wishing I would have taken more pictures with him, or called him more often. Ernie I love you so much”

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