Annabelle Mullican Obituary, Victim Identified In Mountain Brook Accident

Annabelle Mullican Obituary, Victim Identified In Mountain Brook Accident: Devastating news made the Internet shocked when the authority released the statement which verified the death of a child. According to the police, the child was killed in a weekend crash that happened in Mountain Brook. What was the name of the child? Learn more about the incident down below.

Annabelle Mullican Car Accident

On Monday, July 24th, the authorities varieties the Child who passed away suspiciously. According to the report, the child was identified as 10 year old girl who had a name, Annabelle Mullican. She used to live in Mountain Brook.

On Saturday, the Moutain Brook police informed about the incident at 5:57 P.M. According to the information, the incident happened in the 3400 block of Cherokee Road, just east of Overbrook Road. When police reached the incident place, they found a woman and two young girls who have been injured in the crash. Immediately, they all have been taken to the hospital for treatment.

When they reached a nearby hospital, one of the young girls, named Annabelle was pronounced dead on Saturday. The death of Annabelle was reportedly recorded at 6:20 p.m.

As of now, the police didn’t arrest anybody and an investigation has been conducted. The officers and investigating team will release the statement soon.

The Mountain Brook Police observed the SUV which was running at very high speed. The police said: “As the SUV was running at a high rate of speed, the driver threw something out of the window, and within seconds, the car crashed in the 3400 block of Cherokee Road.”

Annabelle Mullican Obituary

In the accident, a woman and two young children sustained serious injuries and Annabelle passed away when she reached a nearby hospital. When police made this report to the public it shattered many people. Many people are sending their love and prayers to the young girl who lost her precious life in an unfortunate event.

One another woman injured in this crash but there is no information has been made to the public yet.

The family of Annabelle Mullican will organize the obituary and funeral arrangements. Our hearts are full of prayers and condolences go with Annabelle and with family.

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