Kendall Harris Obituary – YMCA Kendall Harris Of Raleigh NC Passed Away

Kendall Harris Obituary- It is with sadness and from the deepest heart that we are informing you about the beloved YMCA Senior Director of Equity Advancement, named Kendall Harris. According to the report, he was a resident of Raleigh, North Carolina. Reportedly, the death of Kendall Harris has been made by the social media post that was made public on Monday, July 24th, 2023. The post reads: “Kendall Harris- you are more than a man and more than my mentor. My heart is broken after hearing your death”.

Kendall Harris Obituary - YMCA Kendall Harris Of Raleigh NC Passed Away

Kendall Harris YMCA Died

The death of Kendall Harris YMCA shocked the entire community, as well as his friends. Many people are sending their fearful prayers and thoughts for the beloved Kendall Harris. He was one of the most respected people in the company where he served. Kendall Harris’s death left behind many people in the introspection state.

The circumstance around the cause of cessation of Kendall Harris. The authority has not made any further information about his cause. Therefore, more information will be coming soon. Let’s get more information regarding this news in the further section of the article.

24-year-old Kendall Harris has been an integral part of the YMCA. He played a big role in the development, innovation, and evolution of the various program. He had done various projects that helped many people. He was also a strategic leader in the Lightner Y Achievers Programs. Kendall Harris has dedicated himself to improving the structures that address the problem of men and women regarding color. He always worked with a vision that served as a median where young men and women could overcome their challenges and achieve their full limits.

Kendall Harris Obituary

Kendall is dedicated to promoting diversity and equity. His work gained a lot of praise from the people of the YMCA. His presence felt outside his environment. He had knowledge that inspired many people. Therefore, Kendall’s presence will be missed by so many. At just 24 years old of age, his contribution has had a great impact on our society.

The family of Kendall Harris will release the obituary and funeral service. His colleagues, friends, and relatives are going to express their wonderful memories regarding him. Rest In Peace.

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