Obituary: Jacob Haessly Olmsted Falls Died In Car Accident

Jacob Haessly Olmsted Falls: Sad news emerged from the internet that informs us about the death of a student of Olmsted Falls Intermediate School, Jacob E. Haessly. He was a beloved son of Heather and David Haessly. He passed away in the tragic incident leaving behind his wonderful mother and father. Devastated news shattered many people from their emotions when they heard about the tragic death of Jacob. According to the report, he was just 9 years of age at the time of his death. A little kid departed from this world very soon.

Jacob Haessly Olmsted Falls

Jacob Haessly Olmsted Falls

The entire community, parents, and relatives are mourning Jacob’s death. He was a lovely child who had a beautiful and innocent soul. His death will leave a void in the Haessly family. To support them friends and relatives came together and provided help to the family in every possible way. Therefore, one of the known individuals established the fund page to support the family to bear finance that will be a great help to them. Let’s read more about the page.

Alexis Casselman and two others are organizing a fund page on behalf of Heather Haessly. According to the fund page, the information came out to verify the death of a young boy, named Jacob. Heather Haessly’s two sons were involved in the accident where one child was injured while another child who was 9-year-old son passed away due to serious injuries that he sustained. On July 22nd, Heather Haessly received the phone and she was informed about this tragic accident where she lost her son.

The fund organizer established the goal of $20,000 and $15,690 have been raised. At the time of writing this article, 360 donors donated their amount of money.

Jacob Haessly Obituary

The Haessly family is organizing the obituary and funeral service that mention down below.


The service will start from 12:00 to 3:00 P.M. The memory service will be announced by the family soon. The family also thanked those who contributed which is great help for the family. Rest In Peace, Jacob E. Haessly.

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