What Happened To YourRAGE Eye? Kick Streamer YourRAGE Eye Injury and Accident

Josh “YourRAGE” from FaZe Clan has shared a heartfelt update regarding his recent eye injury, sustained during a wood-chopping incident on a Kick stream. The popular Twitch and Kick streamer faced a harrowing accident on July 2, 2024, when an axe mishap left him temporarily blind in one eye.

YourRage Eye Injury

YourRAGE Eye Injury Update

During an IRL stream labeled “Lumberjack stream,” YourRAGE’s axe broke unexpectedly, striking his face and causing severe injury to his eye. Immediately recognizing the gravity of the situation, YourRAGE halted the stream and sought emergency medical attention, detailing the frightening ordeal in a subsequent YouTube video uploaded on July 7.

In the emotional 14-minute video titled “I Can’t See,” YourRAGE disclosed the severity of the injury, narrating his journey from the initial incident to subsequent medical consultations. He revealed that an ophthalmologist diagnosed damage to his retina and optical nerves, emphasizing the critical nature of his recovery process.

YourRage Eye Injury

“I thought this was about to be a quick little 20-30 minute stream. I have no excuses by the way, it’s my dumbass fault for not wearing any goggles,” YourRAGE explained candidly in the video, reflecting on the accident’s suddenness.

The 25-year-old streamer further described the intensive treatment regimen prescribed by medical professionals, including multiple specialized eye drops administered several times a day. He underscored the necessity of adhering meticulously to the treatment plan to facilitate his recovery, fearing the consequences of any lapse in his care.

Despite the severity of the injury, YourRAGE expressed gratitude for narrowly avoiding more catastrophic outcomes, quoting his doctor’s reassurances that he was “lucky” not to have faced complete vision loss.

Support and well-wishes poured in from fans and fellow streamers alike, highlighting the community’s solidarity during this challenging period for YourRAGE. Admirers expressed empathy and encouragement across social media platforms, hopeful for his swift recuperation and eventual return to streaming.

As of now, YourRAGE has not specified a timeline for his return to content creation, prioritizing his health and recovery. His fans, numbering over 1.4 million on Twitch, await updates eagerly while sending continuous messages of support.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks involved in IRL streaming and the importance of safety precautions during such activities. YourRAGE’s openness about his experience also underscores the vulnerability of content creators in the public eye, resonating deeply within the streaming community.

With ongoing medical care and the steadfast support of his audience, YourRAGE remains determined to navigate this challenging chapter, focusing on healing and eventual resumption of his streaming career.

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