Fact-Check: Is Streamer Sketch Gay? Is Twitch Streamer Sketch OnlyFans Model?

Twitch streamer Sketch found himself in the midst of a controversy following his participation in the fourth round of the 2024 NFL Draft at Campus Martius Park and Hart Plaza. Sketch, who has become a beloved figure on Twitch for his Madden streams and distinct Houston Texans jersey, is now facing allegations about his past that have taken social media by storm.

Is Streamer Sketch Gay? Is Twitch Streamer Sketch OnlyFans Model?

Is Streamer Sketch Gay?

This morning, Sketch began trending on Twitter due to alleged images of him engaging in s*xual acts with other men. The circulating story claims that Sketch was previously a gay OnlyFans model. However, these allegations are based on unverified images and speculative comparisons of facial features.

Sketch, whose real name is Kylie Cox, rose to fame with his engaging Madden gameplay and lively trash talk, quickly becoming a fan favorite. His popularity earned him the opportunity to announce a pick during the NFL Draft and collaborate with NFL star Patrick Mahomes.

The controversy erupted when images allegedly depicting Sketch in compromising situations surfaced online. The speculation about his past profession as an adult content creator has sparked a heated debate among fans and fellow streamers.

The streaming community has been abuzz with reactions. FaZe Clan member Rani “Stable Ronaldo” expressed his disbelief on Twitter, stating, “There is no way that’s on my timeline right now.” Maxwell “Plaqueboymax” added, “We just thought he was a regular straight [guy]… it’s not about that, [he’s] gay, [he’s] gay.”

Other prominent streamers, like Cameron “Cuffem” and Shnaggyhose, also weighed in with strong reactions. Cuffem questioned the validity of the claims, exclaiming, “This is not Sketch, bro!” Meanwhile, Shnaggyhose shared his astonishment, stating, “2024 is one hell of a year if Sketch is taking backshots from a black [guy].”

Is Streamer Sketch Gay? Is Twitch Streamer Sketch OnlyFans Model?

Despite the uproar, Sketch has not responded to the allegations. Fellow streamer Louis “LosPollosTV” defended him, emphasizing the irrelevance of his sexual orientation, “Whether Sketch is gay, bi, or straight, why do you care what another man does?… For someone who made a bunch of you guys laugh and have a good time, for you to go, ‘Oh, he’s gay now? Fk him.’ That’s really fked up.”

The controversy surrounding Sketch highlights the challenges content creators face in maintaining privacy while navigating public scrutiny. The streaming community’s diverse reactions reflect the broader societal debate on personal freedom and the right to privacy.

For now, Sketch continues to focus on his content creation, engaging with his audience, and maintaining his position as one of Twitch’s most beloved streamers. As the story unfolds, fans and fellow creators alike will be watching closely to see how Sketch handles the controversy and what impact, if any, it has on his burgeoning career.

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