Tomlinese Shot Dead – Michael ‘Mike’ Tomlin Killed In Wilkinsburg Shooting

Tomlinese Shot Dead – Michael ‘Mike’ Tomlin Dies In Wilkinsburg Shooting: We are saddened to announce from our deepest hearts the death news of singer Mike Tomlin. He was also known as Tomlinese. Mike Tomlin, a music producer was diseased on Monday, The 27th of May 2023.

Tomlinese Shot Dead - Michael 'Mike' Tomlin Killed In Wilkinsburg Shooting

No further information is provided by the news media and the circumstance surrounding the death is not surfaced online yet.

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Tomlinese Shot Dead

Jamal Campbell stated that Tomlin’s life was cut short in the following shooting. Further, Portia Fox, a former WAMO 107.3 radio host, who had worked with Tomlin, she stated that,

She said: “He was really like the triple threat. He could sing, he could produce, he could rap. He was all in when he came to craft things.”

Foxx also added her line that Tomlin was also a talented engineer at the radio station when he was just a free spirit. He did what he wanted to do, he did many creative things”, she said.

Mike was very passionate about his singing style, he was a singer and influencer. He was a multitalented man who is a rapper and producer thriving in the Pittsburgh music scene.

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Campbell met Tomlin when he was nearly 19 years old and just starting, and Campbell gave him opportunities to perform at gatherings and parties through his entertainment firm and music label. Tomlin learned many things during that time and later, Tomlin eventually hired Jerry Gardner.

Producer Mike Tomlin Killed

Mike and Jerry were close friends and they are like a brother. After the death of Mike Tomlin, the police discovered the dead body in Pittsburgh. Jerry Gardner’s body was identified by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police’s Pittsburgh Public Safety Department.

Jerry was also a good singer, Mike and Jerry both had a significant influence on the music scene. The police have taken the case under them. Right now, there is no further information surfaced online that prove the connection between these two incidents.

Mike Tomlin was killed in the shooting incident that happened in Wikinsburg on Saturday, May 27, 2023.

Campbell stated, “I can believe right now, why would anyone want to kill such a nice person.”

Campbell wants justice for them as they requested the police to investigate this case.

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