Ron Bianchini Obituary: Kelly Ripa Mourns Albert Bianchini’s Father Death On Live TV

The airwaves turned somber as Kelly Ripa, beloved host of Live, revealed the devastating news of the passing of a dear family friend, Ron Bianchini, during a heartfelt on-air tribute. The Wednesday broadcast took an unexpected turn as Kelly, alongside her husband Mark Consuelos, shared the poignant announcement with viewers.

Ron Bianchini Obituary: Kelly Ripa Mourns Albert Bianchini's Father Death On Live TV

What Happened To Ron Bianchini?

Before delving into the day’s scheduled programming, Kelly Ripa paused, and with a heavy heart, expressed a personal shout-out on behalf of the Live team to their cherished friend, Albert Bianchini. The host revealed the sorrowful news that Albert’s father, Ron Bianchini, had peacefully departed on Tuesday night after a prolonged battle with illness.

Albert, the Emmy-nominated executive producer and longtime friend of Kelly Ripa, took to Instagram to share his sentiments on his father’s passing. He reminisced about the deep connection he felt with his father every day of their 50+ years together and shared a poignant childhood photo embracing his dad.

In a touching revelation, Albert conveyed that Ron’s passing occurred with the entire family gathered by his side, sharing their love in his final moments. Kelly expressed gratitude for the poignant moment and shared with viewers that Ron had waited until all of his children and grandchildren were present in the room before peacefully passing away.

Ron Bianchini Obituary

“If you knew Ron Bianchini, you were the luckiest person on earth,” Kelly reflected, as Mark Consuelos added, “He lived a great life. A life well lived.”

Albert, who has played a pivotal role in the production world, especially during his six-season tenure producing “Live with Regis & Kelly,” expressed the profound impact of his father’s life. In an Instagram post, Albert emphasized the defining moment of being present with his family as they shared their love with Ron in his final moments.

Ron Bianchini Obituary: Kelly Ripa Mourns Albert Bianchini's Father Death On Live TV

Kelly Ripa, in a comment on Albert’s post, fondly remembered Ron as someone who is now “taking charge up there” and extended her condolences, promising to bring an “ice cream cake” when they meet again.

The Live family, including producer Michael Gelman, conveyed their sympathies and reflected on the blessing of being close to Ron for so long. Gelman remarked on the significance of spending those final moments together and expressed heartfelt thoughts for Albert and his loved ones.

Ron Bianchini’s legacy extends beyond his immediate family, touching the lives of those who were fortunate enough to know him. As the Live family mourns the loss of this extraordinary individual, the memories of Ron’s well-lived life and the love he shared with his family will undoubtedly endure in their hearts.

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