Phil Doucette Minneapolis Modo Yoga Owner Passed Away, Cause of Death and Obituary

Phil Doucette Minneapolis Modo Yoga Owner Passed Away, Cause of Death and Obituary: A former owner of Modo Yoga’s Minneapolis passed away, Phil Doucette. Modo Yoga’s Minneapolis announced this death that has been flinging on social media. Yes, you heard it right Phil Doucette has left this world unexpectedly. He was a Yoga instructor who earned a lot of respect from communities in Canada and the public. He was earnestly known as “Philly D”. Modo Yoga’s Minneapolis has taken Doucette’s death to the social media platform Twitter. Get more information about Phil Doucette. Let’s highlight his life journey and the obituary and funeral service.

Phil Doucette Minneapolis

Phil Doucette Minneapolis Died

Phil Doucette was a trained yoga instructor. He loved to teach yoga and helped numerous people. Doucette’s death left many people in distress and devastated.  Phil was a devoted human being who dedicatedly helped through the Yoga skills that he acquired. Read more down below.

Phil was the former owner of Modo Yoga. According to the report, he had been charged with the s*xual assault of a minor. There is a report had been made on social media that a minor was charged with a harassment case against him. Since then Phil had to leave his ownership on Modo Yoga. Reportedly, he had been removed from the owner post on June 5th.

Aside from this se*ual case, he devoted his life to providing the best service for people who used to learn yoga at Modo Yoga. He collected a lot of praise from people because of his unique style of teaching instruction. Phil’s friends, family, and loved ones have a great amount of respect. After the death of former owner Modi Yoga Minneapolis, released the statement on Twitter as follows:

“Our hearts are broken after learning of Phil Doucette’s death. “Philly D” was one of the amazing people who helped a lot of people. His radiant personality and amazing music will be greatly missed by loved ones. Due to Phil Doucette’s passing, we have decided to cancel all the classes. We will gather to join prayers and mourn for Phil Doucette. The gathering will start from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.”

Phil Doucette Obituary

In the year 2011, Phil Doucette founded Modo Yoga’s Minneapolis studio with his wife, Ryann Jessiman. However, they divorced within a year and moved to Minnesota. Despite getting divorced, they continue the Modo Yoga business. Together they taught many people about yoga and fitness.

However, Modo Yoga Minneapolis inspired studio where students get knowledge about yoga, as well as wellness. The life-changing classes taken teach students incredible things funnily and easily. Modo Yoga Minneapolis had around 70 studios worldwide where they provide their service to many communities.

The family and friends will share the Phil Docucette obituary and funeral arrangement program soon. Follow For More

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