How to Use Barbie Me App: Step-by-Step Guide To Use ai Filter

How to Use Barbie Me App: Step-by-Step Guide To Use BarbieMe AI Filter: You must know the Barbie AI filter user if you are one of the users of the TikTok platform. Recently, TikTok released a new feature in their application that is Barbie AI. The AI changed people’s faces into characters like Barbie. Using this artificial intelligence audience can apply filters on their faces. This feature gave a lot of people a chance to give themselves a Barbie look. Therefore, there is no doubt left that why people became crazy behind this and made this a trend on the TikTok platform. Let’s learn how you can use this advanced feature.

How to Use Barbie Me App: Step-by-Step Guide To Use BarbieMe AI Filter

How to Use Barbie Me App?

Teenagers, Youngs,  and adults are involved in this Barbie trend. This feature enhanced the look and gives an iconic figure that everybody loves. The rise of AI provides people with a lot of experiences you can be any superhero and character by just applying AI tools. However, we will only talk about the Barbie feature that is being used by a large audience. So it is important to discuss this topic and also be aware of this awesome feature that keeps people amazed and happy.

We will talk about every step of using the Barbie AI filter with the help of the Photoleap app. So follow every single step if you want to experience this amazing feature on your device. The following steps are mentioned here:

Step-By-Step Guide To Use Barbie Me App

First step- You have to download the Photoleap app. This app is available on both IOS and Android devices. For Android and IOS users, you have to search on the app store to download this Photoleap app.

Second step- after downloading the Photoleap app. You have to open it and go directly to an ‘AI Edit’ section where you will find amazing AI advance filters you can apply, including this trending Barbie filter.

Third step- locate the option ‘AI Selfie’ option. This will activate the camera. Move your head over this camera to capture a photo.

Forth step- now select Capture Photo to apply a Barbie-like visage. It is important to capture in high resolution for better results. Then AI will show its magic and will give you a Barbie-look-like image that is close to reality.

Fifth Step- if you want to see more images like yourself in Barbie look. The Photoleap app provides another feature. You can shuffle the image to see more new Barbie look.

Sixth step- If you have satisfied with this result, then save and share this picture on social media. People are showing their converted images, especially on TikTok.

Therefore, follow these steps to make your selfie in a Barbie avatar. Follow our website for more information. Follow For More

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