WATCH: Maeva Ghennam Video Operation X LEAKED Viral On Twitter and Reddit

Influencer and reality TV star Maeva Ghennam, known for her appearances on the French reality TV show Les Marseillais, recently faced a major social media mishap. The internet personality, who is based in Marseille, accidentally shared a private video showcasing the results of her recent surgeries on Snapchat. The video, initially intended for a friend, was mistakenly made public and quickly went viral after being saved and circulated by other users.

Maeva Ghennam Video Operation X LEAKED Viral On Twitter and Reddit

Maeva Ghennam Video Leaked

Maeva Ghennam has been open about undergoing multiple cosmetic surgeries throughout her career as a reality TV and social media star. However, she recently turned to religion and began reversing some of her enhancements through additional surgeries. Ghennam has been transparent about her journey and procedures with her followers on social media, providing regular updates on her progress.

According to reports, Ghennam underwent at least two surgeries in 2023 and has been recovering since. On July 1, she made a video of herself naked to observe the surgery results and shared it with a friend. Unfortunately, the friend mistakenly posted the video on a Snapchat story, leading to its widespread dissemination.

Maeva Ghennam Video Operation X LEAKED Viral On Twitter and Reddit

Ghennam, who boasts over 5 million followers across her social media platforms, expressed her distress over the incident. She first responded with a Snapchat video, followed by a detailed Instagram post, where she apologized to her community and urged them to report the video to prevent further sharing.

“Please report the content so that people stop sharing it. Please, I beg you, and stop sending me what is being said, I beg you,” Ghennam implored her followers.

In her Instagram post, Ghennam also expressed deep regret over her past surgeries, describing them as her “worst mistakes.”

“I regret all the surgeries I have had. I had surgery to try to reduce these surgeries and become more natural. I can’t remove everything at once; it’s a long process. A process that is destroying my life, I will never forgive myself for it,” she wrote. “All this because for years I made the worst mistakes of my life by wanting to distance myself from my body which made me very self-conscious. Today I want to remove it because I am horrible. Now my body is disproportionate all because of this.”

Ghennam used the Instagram Story feature and wrote:

Je suis tellement tellement désolé je m’excuse auprès de tt ma communauté j’arrive pas a men remettre…je me suis précipiter pour voire le résultat de mon opération alors ke j’étais pas encore bien à cause de l’anesthésie j’arrive pas à croire que c

c réel que j’ai pu être aussi bête. Mon dieu aide moi à surmonté cet douleur cet humiliation donne moi la force de rattrapé ça je ss foutue ma vie est foutue mon honneur est foutue

J’ai changé g pris conscience de bcp de chose g fait tellement d’efforts j’ai amélioré bcp de choses dans ma vie même professionnellement tt ça pour tt réduire à néant en 1 seconde comme ça venir tout gâcher comme ça

Les gens qui se réjouit je vous souhaite mm pas pire car mm a mon pire ennemi je lui souhaite pas ça… j’ai mm lu d horreur j’en ai vomi. Hier j’ai voulu faire le pire… j’avais mm des sueurs vomissements vertige j’avais la bouche tt sèche ma tête allai

Exploser…. Ils m’ont mis sous anxiolytique ça m’aide à me calmer. Je suis encore sous le choc..j’ai honte svp ne soyez pas déçu de moi je m’excuse je suis tellement dsi

Je regrette tt les chirurgie je me suis fait opérer pour essayé de réduire cet chirurgie et devenir plus naturel je peux pas tout retirer en 1 fois c’est 1 long processus. Un processus qui vient de détruire ma vie toute seule je v jamais me le

pardonner. Tout ça prsq pendant des années j’ai fait les pires erreurs de ma vie en voulant m’éloigner de mon corps qui me complexer bcp pour aujourd’hui vouloir retirer car je suis horrible maintenant mon corps est disproportionné tt ça pour ça

Svp signaler les contenus pour que les gens arrête de relayer svp je vous en supplie et arrêtez de m’envoyer ce qui se dit je vous en supplie

Svp faite pas de chirurgie vous allez regretter svp et faite attention à ce que vous postez sur les réseaux tt pe basculer sur les réseaux mais surtout dans votre vie et on pe pas tjr revenir en arrière. je m’en veut je suis impardonnable je m’excuse

auprès de ma mère de ma famille de mon chéri de ma communauté de tt le monde…merci à tt les personnes qui me soutienne je m’excuse mon dieu aide moi

Who Is Maeva Ghennam?

Maeva Melissa Dora Ghennam, born on May 14, 1997, in Marseille, is a French reality TV personality, influencer, and businesswoman. Before gaining fame, Ghennam worked as a dental assistant. Her television career took off with her participation in Les Marseillais: Australia, where she quickly became a prominent figure known for her bold personality.

Ghennam’s personal life and relationships have often been in the spotlight, including her tumultuous romance with Greg Yega. Over the years, she has become a significant presence on social media, engaging in numerous product placements and collaborations. In 2020, Ghennam moved to Dubai and launched her own makeup brand, Maeva Ghennam Beauty, achieving success despite controversies.

Throughout her career, Ghennam has been candid about her numerous cosmetic procedures, including Botox injections, liposuction, and facelifts. Despite facing criticism from internet users, she has always owned her choices. Now, in a turn towards a more natural look, Ghennam is undergoing procedures to reverse some of these enhancements.

Ghennam continues to be a notable figure in the reality TV and social media world, with her life and decisions closely followed by millions of fans.

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