UPDATE: Amanda Pearce Missing Shrewsbury MA, Where Was Realtor Amanda Pearce Last Seen?

Amanda Pearce Missing

Amanda Pearce, a 60-year-old realtor based in Worcester, Massachusetts, has been missing since Friday, June 28, 2024. Pearce was last seen wearing a black baseball cap, black shirt, and black leggings. As of today, she has been absent for more than four days, causing significant concern among her family and friends.

Amanda Pearce Missing Update

Pearce, who stands at 5’4”, is a well-known real estate agent in the Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, area near the Boston Turnpike. Known for her dedication and passion for helping buyers find their dream homes and assisting sellers with listing their properties, Amanda is cherished by many in her community. Her social media bio reflects her professional enthusiasm and personal warmth, stating, “I love helping buyers find their DREAM home and working with sellers when listing their property.”

Amanda’s family is deeply worried about her disappearance, emphasizing that it is highly unusual for her to be out of contact for such an extended period. They are pleading with the public to assist in the search for their loved one, hoping that someone might have information on her whereabouts.

The Worcester Police Department is also seeking the public’s help in locating Amanda. They urge anyone with information to come forward and contact them immediately. Tips can be reported by calling 911 or the Worcester Police Department at 508-799-8606.

Amanda Pearce’s home address is listed as 246 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury, MA, United States. The police and her family stress the urgency of the situation, hoping for a swift and safe return.

If you have any information about Amanda Pearce’s location or have seen someone matching her description, please contact the authorities immediately. The community’s support and vigilance are crucial during this critical time.

For any updates on Amanda Pearce’s disappearance, please stay tuned to local news outlets and the Worcester Police Department’s announcements.

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