Update: Angela McDaniel Missing Child, Where was ex-husband Bradley Brooks last seen? Construction Oklahoma

In a heart-wrenching plea for assistance, Angela McDaniel, a distressed mother from Oklahoma, has taken to social media to seek help in locating her missing 9-year-old daughter, Kenzie. McDaniel’s anguish stems from an alarming incident involving her ex-husband, 53-year-old Bradley Brooks, who allegedly assaulted her current husband, Justin McDaniel, during an attempted visitation exchange on March 17.

Angela McDaniel Missing Child, Where was ex-husband Bradley Brooks last seen? Construction OK

Angela McDaniel Missing Child Update

According to McDaniel, Brooks, who was reportedly intoxicated at the time, violated a court order by refusing to comply with the visitation agreement. When McDaniel insisted that Brooks take a drug test and return Kenzie to her, he abruptly ceased communication, leaving McDaniel frantic and desperate for answers.

McDaniel, known on TikTok as @mcdaniellife, has utilized the platform to share her harrowing ordeal, imploring anyone with information regarding her daughter’s whereabouts to come forward and assist in reuniting them.

The concerned mother has been anxiously awaiting any news from her daughter or ex-husband, but as days pass, her apprehension intensifies. McDaniel revealed in her TikTok videos that Brooks informed her he would not adhere to her demands and subsequently cut off all communication, effectively isolating McDaniel from both him and Kenzie.

According to McDaniel’s account, Kenzie was last seen in Edmond, Oklahoma, although she suspects that Brooks may have transported her to Texas. Desperate for any leads, McDaniel promptly notified law enforcement and filed a police report in Oklahoma, hoping that authorities would aid in locating her missing daughter.

Describing Brooks as 6’1″ tall, weighing 180 pounds, with distinctive full tattoo sleeves on both arms and missing several top front teeth, McDaniel provided additional identifying details, including his vehicle—a 2016 silver Dodge Ram quad cab truck with a dented tailgate. Brooks, reportedly involved in the construction business and the owner of Bradley Brooks Construction in Edmond, has been allegedly engaged in a project constructing Airbnb facilities in Texas, although specific details remain unclear.

In her emotionally charged TikTok videos, McDaniel emphasized the severity of the situation, highlighting that Brooks’ actions could constitute felony child stealing. She disclosed details of their custody agreement, indicating that Brooks’ visitation rights were previously revoked for five months due to his failure to provide a clean drug test.

Moreover, McDaniel disclosed that she holds a protection order against Brooks, citing past instances of physical abuse as the basis for her apprehension. Expressing concerns for her safety and that of others, McDaniel urged anyone who may encounter Brooks to alert authorities, cautioning that he may be armed and under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

McDaniel’s impassioned plea has reverberated across social media platforms, garnering millions of views and sparking a global outpouring of support and prayers for Kenzie’s safe return. Messages of solidarity and assistance have flooded in from individuals spanning across the United States and even reaching international shores, underscoring the collective determination to aid McDaniel in her relentless pursuit of her missing daughter.

As Angela McDaniel’s agonizing wait continues, the solidarity and compassion exhibited by communities worldwide serve as a beacon of hope in the quest to reunite a distraught mother with her beloved child.

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