Who Is Linda De Sousa Abreu? Meet Her Husband Nathan and Sister Andreina

A 31-year-old prison officer at HMP Wandsworth, South London, named Linda De Sousa Abreu has resigned following the emergence of a video showing her engaging in s*xual activity with an inmate. The video, reportedly recorded by the inmate’s cellmate, has sparked a police investigation.

Who Is Linda De Sousa Abreu

Who Is Linda De Sousa Abreu?

The explicit video, which surfaced on social media, depicts Abreu inside an inmate’s cell at the Category A prison. The London Metropolitan Police have confirmed the launch of an investigation but have not made any arrests so far.

Abreu’s sister, Andreina, revealed that Abreu and her husband, Nathan, appeared on Channel 4’s documentary series, “Open House: The Great S*x Experiment,” last year. The show focuses on couples exploring open relationships and swinging lifestyles.

Who Is Linda De Sousa Abreu

“She’s a swinger. She was on a Channel Four programme called Open House. I never saw it. It’s not the sort of thing I’d watch with my little sister in,” Andreina told MailOnline. She expressed concerns over her sibling’s lifestyle choices and distanced herself from the situation.

“I have built up a big community on my own social media – I preach fitness and God – but when her fans found her, they found me and they were sending me messages and I was blocking everyone because it’s not something I wanted to be associated with,” she added.

Further revelations indicate that Abreu has an OnlyFans account, where she describes herself as a “happily married s*xy Latina who wants to share hot content with you.” The account promises genuine content, emphasizing authenticity.

HMP Wandsworth Prison Guard Linda De Sousa Abreu Video Linda De Sousa Abreu OnlyFans

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police stated, “We have been made aware of a video allegedly filmed inside HMP Wandsworth. A police investigation is underway. At this early stage, there have been no arrests. We are in close contact with the Ministry of Justice.”

HMP Prison Service also commented on the incident, stressing their zero-tolerance policy towards staff corruption. “Staff corruption is not tolerated and the former prison officer allegedly featured in this video has been reported to the police. It would be inappropriate to comment further while they investigate,” the statement read.

Abreu’s resignation follows the scandalous video’s wide circulation, bringing to light her controversial lifestyle and sparking a broader conversation about conduct and corruption within the prison system.

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