WATCH: NIJISANJI En Vtubers Elira Pendora, Vox Akuma, and Ike Speaks About Selen Tatsuki Controversy Video

In a recent video posted on Elira’s channel, Nijisanji EN Vtubers Elira, Vox, and Ike addressed the ongoing controversy surrounding Selen Tatsuki, shedding light on the events leading to her termination and the subsequent fallout within the virtual YouTuber community.

NIJISANJI En Vtubers Elira Pendora, Vox Akuma, and Ike Speaks About Selen Tatsuki Controversy Video

Nijisanji EN Vtubers Elira, Vox, and Ike

Elira initiated the video by emphasizing the limitations on information disclosure, clarifying that the Vtubers were speaking from personal experiences rather than official statements from Anycolor. She reminded viewers of Nijisanji EN’s stance against harassment and volunteered her channel for the stream after discussions with her fellow livers. Notably, Anycolor CEO Riku Tazumi has yet to issue a statement at the time of writing, leaving the community eagerly awaiting his perspective on the matter.

During the video, the trio revealed that Selen Tatsuki had breached standard protocol by uploading a video titled “Last Cup of Coffee” without obtaining management’s approval, leading to the subsequent removal of the content. This incident was not the first time Selen had clashed with management, and her actions prompted the livers to question her motivations, especially considering her history of issues with the company.

Selen’s decision to record a voice call with Vox without his consent, allegedly to provide evidence of Anycolor’s favoritism towards the group Luxiem, left Vox feeling betrayed and hurt. He had initially planned to graduate in solidarity with Selen when she informed him about Anycolor’s termination plans, further complicating the emotional dynamics within the group.

Ike, expressing his shock and hurt at the situation, revealed that he considered Selen a friend. He expressed dismay upon reviewing legal documents sent by Selen’s lawyer to Anycolor, which allegedly contained private information about the livers and potentially inaccurate claims. The negative online reception to the video, with accusations of scripted content and demands for Tazumi’s statement, added fuel to an already intense situation.

The controversy has also spilled into the financial realm, with Anycolor’s stocks facing a decline following Selen’s termination. Despite Anycolor’s assertion that the impact would be negligible, the company’s financial standing has raised concerns within the community. This fallout has even led to the cancellation of a collaboration with Hyte, as the company stands in solidarity with VTuber fans.

As the community awaits further developments, the Nijisanji EN controversy continues to send ripples through both the virtual YouTuber community and the financial markets, leaving fans and industry observers on edge.

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