Vinny Vega Death, XL New York Dancer Passed Away, Vinny Vega NYC Obituary & GoFundMe

Vinny Vega Death, XL New York Dancer Passed Away, Vinny Vega NYC Obituary & GoFundMe- In this article, you will go through the death news of a person, named Vinny Vega. According to the report, Vinny was the former Nightlife Host, Dancer, and Performer at XL New York City. Reportedly, it was confirmed by the post available on Facebook. The report claimed that Vinny passed away while asleep last week. Vinny Vega’s NYC death cause devastating and painful for his wonderful family and supportive friends. Get more details regarding this case. Go to the further section of the paragraph where we have talked about Vinny Vega’s obituary, cause of death and the obituary.

Vinny Vega Death, XL New York Dancer Passed Away, Vinny Vega NYC Obituary & GoFundMe

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Vinny Vega Death: What Happened To Him?

Seemingly, there is no further information surfaced online which defines the circumstances around the Vinny Vega NYC death. The family, relatives and friends did not claim yet, they did not share the cause of death as of now. The news is developing right now. You have to wait for the complete story.

Vinny Vega NYC is known for his dancing and performing skills. He was very popular in New York City. Vinny’s friends supported him as he had a lot of potential to serve his country. Vinny’s smile was enough to reduce stress. His politeness was warmly appreciated by many friends and colleagues. Many friends gonna miss him as they shared a wonderful time with Vinny Vega. They all were in great mourning after receiving the cessation of Vinny’s Vega life.

Vinny Vega Obituary

Reportedly, The information regarding Vinny’s Vega obituary will be surfaced soon. The funeral service will be provided where the family members, relatives, friends and loved ones will pray to honour the life of Vinny Vega. They will share wonderful memories They made with Vinny. Our love and thoughts are with the family and his loved ones in this difficult time. Rest In Peace.

Ersin Winokur posted, “I am heartbroken, saddened, and shocked to hear of your passing. Dance in Peace Vinny Vega! We worked so many great events together. You were always humble and nice to everyone around you. I will never forget how you make everyone laugh with being goofy. This was a picture from one of the first time we worked for an event together and photographed by Gustavo Monroy at Times Square. I will never forget all these memories. The NYC nightlife has lost another shining star! Gone too soon until we meet at the dance floor forever again.

Vinny Vega NYC: GoFundMe

Mark Lander, a resident of New York established the raise fund to support financially to cover all expenses such as funeral costs and settle other funeral expenses. At the time of writing this article, $4,752 was raised. The goal has been set for $20,000. There are 71 donors whose help gonna be a great support for Vinny’s family. You can provide help to Vinny’s Vega family as well.

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