Watch: Video de Kuaron Harvey Instagram Live Viral On Twitter & Reddit

Watch: Video de Kuaron Harvey Instagram Live Leaked On Twitter & Reddit: In this article, we are going to describe the shocking accident where two young cousins dead, named Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey. According to the report, This is a video where the First cousin killed herself after shooting the second cousin. Since this report came out to the media, it has become a sensation on social networking outlets as multitudinous people were covering this report. The whole community was shocked to receive this news as this news was devastating for many. Further, we delve deep into this case and try to analyze all the circumstances surrounding the video de Kuaron Harvey.

Watch: Video de Kuaron Harvey Instagram Live Viral On Twitter & Reddit

Video de Kuaron Harvey

Right now, the case went under the police investigation. The police were collecting information from the family members to ascertain the situation. The family members told that It was a freak accident for us as they mentioned that It was a party at a St. Louis apartment on Friday where 12-year-old Paris Harvey and 14-year-old Kuaron Harvey were dead, according to the family, Paris shoot Kuaron and then killed herself.

Reportedly, the cousins were doing an Instagram live stream from the building apartment’s bathroom at approximately 2:00 a.m. According to the family, they were going to attend a party to celebrate younger relatives’ birthdays when this accident took place. The police are still investigating this case and they named as ‘Murder Suicide’.

Kuaron Harvey Instagram Live Reddit

The St. Louis Police Department mentioned on their social media account, they wrote: “We are sending out our consolation to the family of Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey. They are young and youthful. This incident shattered many hearts, especially to the family, they have lost their children. Two individuals passed away tragically on 03/25/22.”

This incident has raised many questions in numerous people’s minds such as why they did this act. What would be the circumstances which lead to this accident? The police are trying to get the cause behind it. While Paris’s mother Shanise Harvey, 35, said she didn’t know how her daughter found this gun and who was the owner of this gun.

“It seemed they were playing with this gun to make a video for Instagram Live, but it went off and actually hit him,” Shanise Harvey said to NBC affiliate KASK. Further information will come, so follow for upcoming reports.

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