WATCH: Skandal we Urząd Miejski Wrocław Video

Shockwaves reverberate through the Wrocław municipality as a scandal involving one of its employees unfolds. Marcin Torz from the portal brought attention to a scandalous video allegedly showcasing an official undressing in her office and producing p*rnographic content during working hours. The controversy was exposed on Wednesday, February 7, causing a stir in the community.

Skandal we Urząd Miejski Wrocław Video

Skandal we Urząd Miejski Wrocław

In the footage shared by journalist Marcin Torz, a woman can be seen undressing in what appears to be an office setting. Torz, driven by the need to verify the authenticity of the video, dispatched his team to investigate the matter.

“I sent my people there because I wanted to see if it was this office or whether it was a fake,” stated Marcin Torz in his report.

After careful examination by local collaborators, Torz asserts without a doubt that the explicit content was created within the confines of the Wrocław city hall.

“It’s indisputable that this woman, during business hours, played in p*rn movies that were shot in her office,” claims Marcin Torz.

According to Torz, the employee in question is a long-term staff member of the municipal office. Some of the recorded footage and profiles highlighted by Torz have already been removed from online platforms.

President of Wrocław, Jacek Sutryk, has not provided any comments on the matter. Monika Dubec from the press office of the Wrocław City Hall issued a brief statement in response to inquiries.

“The employee referred to in the material submitted this morning (8 February – editorial note) termination. Due to the nature of this case, we will not comment on it more widely,” stated Monika Dubec.

In response to the unfolding scandal, Wrocław activists have organized a press conference on Thursday at noon, addressing the ethical dimensions of local government employees’ conduct. The conference aims to shed light on the “p*rnoafera” and its implications for the municipality’s reputation. As the controversy continues to grip the city, the public awaits further developments and potential repercussions for those involved.

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