Shane McClelland Death: Crusty Nova Died In Boat Accident, Shane McClelland Nixa MO Obituary

Shane McClelland Death: Crusty Nova Died In Boat Accident, Shane McClelland Nixa MO Obituary- It is with our heavy hearts and deepest sadness that we inform the death of Shane McClelland. According to the report, Shane passed away in a boat accident. Yes, you have heard right Shane McClelland died in a tragic boat accident. Shane was also known as Crusty Nova. His friends and his loved ones call him Crusty Nova.

Shane McClelland’s death is widely known to the public as everyone wants to hear about his dead information through the internet. However, It is imperative to provide details about him.


Shane McClelland Death: Crusty Nova Died In Boat Accident, Shane McClelland Nixa MO Obituary

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Shane McClelland Death

This tragic boat accident took place on Sunday, 4th June 2023. Shane was also known for his skills in his community, he was a great racer, metro and devoted to his family and his friends. Crusty Nova was a renowned person in his town with his mentorship he served many people who admired him.

Shane’s death has been popular in his community and town. His friends, his neighbour and close ones are sending their prayers to the family of Shane. His death has become widely known. More information regarding his death is yet to mention.

Shane McClelland knows for his tenacity. He was a very contagious and well-defined person. He served his warm love to his society and community. Shane had a lot of attributes that made him so special. Shane’s glittering communication made an impact on so many individuals.

Who Was Shane McClelland?

Shane McClelland was the Owner of Central Air of South-west Missouri LLC. He devoted himself to his work that helped numerous people. He worked at Crusty Nova during his life. Shane went to Reed’s Spring High where he completed his secondary education. He lived in Nixa, Missouri till the time of his death. He made a  relationship with Renee Williamson, a Co-Pilot & Marketing Manager at Crusty Nova


Shane McClelland Obituary

The family of Shane prepared to provide information about his obituary and funeral service. His beautiful memories will be shown by his family and friends. Our prayers go with them and hoping to reduce the burden on his loved ones.


417 Motorsports posted, “417 Motorsports has been blessed to build many amazing racecars over the almost 20 years we have been open but one that stands out to many is the Crusty Nova.

We were privileged to build the car alongside Shane and Andrew McClelland. We raced for years and won many races. Shane and Blake hurt a lot of feelings with that car but also made a lot of people smile.
One of our favourite memories was Dragweek 2013 when Shane did the gorgeous wheelie. That was also the same year Shane started doing burns out with the drag week trailer.
Shane played such a vital role in the racing community and was always willing to help. He had a heart of gold and his laugh was one that we pray we never forget. Shane wasn’t just a customer, or a friend but family to everyone at the shop.
We appreciate everyone who has given us the space we needed today to be where it matters and not at the shop. We will be in and out of the shop this week to help prepare to say see you later to Shane on Saturday.
The 417 crew will be at the shop doing what they do best.”

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