UPDATE: Riley Strain Missing Nashville, Where Was Missouri University Student Riley Strain Last Seen?

Urgent efforts are underway to locate 22-year-old Riley Strain, a University of Missouri student who disappeared last Friday night after getting kicked out of Luke Bryan’s bar on lower Broadway. Metro Police have confirmed the concerning situation, and Riley’s friends and family are reaching out for any information that could help find him.

Riley Strain Missing Nashville

Riley Strain Missing Nashville

According to police reports, Riley’s friends lost sight of him around 10 p.m. after he was asked to leave the buzzing Nashville hotspot. Despite their best efforts to track him using Snapchat’s location feature, their attempts were in vain. Phone calls over the weekend were met with silence, and police checks at hospitals and jails turned up empty.

Verizon Wireless, Riley’s service provider, couldn’t provide a live phone ping as the device was turned off. However, the last known location of Riley’s phone was 0.64 miles southwest of the cell tower on Oldham Street in Germantown.

Described as a 6’5″ white male, weighing around 160 pounds, with blonde hair and blue eyes, Riley was last seen wearing a black and brown button-up shirt with a black chest pocket, blue jeans, brown boots, and a black Apple watch.

In response to the alarming situation, Riley’s parents have made the journey from Missouri to Nashville. The search has escalated, with pleas on social media urging anyone with information to reach out to the Metro Nashville Police Department at 615-862-8600.

Amidst Nashville’s growing popularity as a tourist hotspot, incidents like these serve as a stark reminder to stay vigilant in crowded areas, especially along the vibrant Broadway strip.

As spring break continues and the city attracts more visitors, authorities are emphasizing the importance of staying safe. The community remains hopeful for Riley’s safe return, and the collective effort to find him persists with the shared wish for his swift reunion with family and loved ones.

Michelle Johnson shared the news on Facebook: We have a Male College student from University of Missouri that went missing in downtown Nashville Friday night around 10 pm. We have reached out to several local t.v. stations to help look, but with no luck so far. A police report has been made. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I have attached a picture and his last known location. His name is Riley Strain and he is 22 years old. He was visiting Nashville with a large group of fraternity brothers 200+ for the weekend and they were separated @ a local bar that evening and was never seen again. He is always in contact daily with family, so this is not like him to not stay in touch even when traveling. The second picture is the last place his phone pinged before being shut off. Thanks in advance. “This pic was taken Friday night”

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