Dr. Ramin Oskoui Passes Away, MD Ramin Oskoui Obituary and Cause of Death

Dr. Ramin Oskoui Passes Away, MD Ramin Oskoui Obituary and Cause of Death: A well-known cardiologist Ramin Oskoui died. According to the report, he was a doctor in Washington, DC. Everyone was devastated after the cessation of Ramin Oskoui’s life. At the time of his death, he was 55 years old. Ramin Oskoui’s death cause devastating sadness in his family, friends, and loved ones. He was affiliated with Suburban Hospital, Sublet Memorial Hospital, and Washington Hospital Center as he contributed as a doctor and helped numerous patients. In this article, we will discuss Ramin Oskoui. We will also try to explain his life events and further Obituary and funeral service.

Dr. Ramin Oskoui Passes Away, MD Ramin Oskoui Obituary and Cause of Death

Dr. Ramin Oskoui Death: What Happened?

As of now, the circumstances around the Ramin Oskoui death have not been clarified. The Ramin family did not disclose any detail to the media yet. As the details will come out, then we will develop the story. Meanwhile, we want to focus to elaborate his life as he spent as a doctor.

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According to the report, it came to know that Ramin was a phenomenal human being. He was skillful and specialized in Cardiovascular Disease, Congenital Heart Disease, Heart Block, Echocardiography, and High Cholesterol as he assisted various patients throughout his life.

Dr. Ramin Oskoui Cause of Death

Furthermore, Ramin was also known as an expert in Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) and Valvular heart disease. A well-known respected citizen of Washington, D.C. has passed away leaving behind wonderful memories which can not be forgotten.

Let’s delve deep into Dr. Ramin’s early life. According to various sources, Dr. Oskoui graduated from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, where he learned and received a medical degree. Ramin took his training in periodic surgery at Emory University Hospital and then he sifted to Georgetown University to complete his residency in medial. Later, Ramin went to get higher training in cardiology at Washington Hospital Centre. After Dr. Ramin established himself as a Cardiology expert.

Dr. Ramin Oskoui Obituary

In addition, Dr. Ramin received several awards from the medical institution, for example, The John Hopkins Medicine Clinical Award as Physician of the Year and the Patients Choice Award. He was also recognized as one of the top doctors in Washington D.C. His untimely loss will be painful for many people who were close to Ramin.

Dr. Ramin Oskoui was zealously missed by his loved ones which includes his family, friends, and his colleagues. He saved numerous patients from their critical situation and they were all thankful to Ramin, thus they all sent their consolation to the Ramin family.

The obituary details will be surfaced online. The family is processing this loss. The funeral details and obituary will be disclosed by the family soon. Further information will be updated soon. Share it article, leave your thought, and pray for Dr. Ramin Oskoui. Follow Thecrunchyreport.com For More

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