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Patricio Cabezut, Mexican Media Personality, Wanted for Alleged Sexual Abuse Against Daughters

  • Renowned Host and Musician Faces Arrest Warrant Amid Serious Accusations

Mexican media personality Patricio Cabezut found himself thrust into the spotlight on Friday, March 29, as news emerged of an arrest warrant issued against him for his alleged involvement in the sexual abuse of his two daughters, Ana Lucía and Fátima. The warrant, issued by a judge in Mexico City, has sparked widespread concern and condemnation across social media platforms.

Patricio Cabezut Hijas Viral Video y fotos On Twitter Patricio Cabezut Hijas Viral Video y fotos On Twitter

Patricio Cabezut Hijas

The alarming development was first brought to light by journalist Carlos Jiménez, who shared the distressing news via his social media channels. According to Jiménez, the arrest warrant stems from accusations of sexual abuse leveled against Cabezut by his own daughters. The severity of the allegations has prompted swift action from the authorities, with the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office launching a search for the accused.

“Patricio Cabezut is wanted for sexual abuse against his daughters. A judge ordered the arrest of @patriciocabezut accused of sexually assaulting the girls. The @FiscaliaCDMX is already looking for it,” tweeted Jiménez, shedding light on the troubling situation.

The virtual tool ‘Antenas’ further revealed the psychological trauma endured by the daughters as a result of the alleged abuse, adding a distressing dimension to the unfolding scandal.

As of now, the whereabouts of Patricio Cabezut remain unknown, and he has yet to address the accusations or the arrest warrant on his social media platforms.

A Brief Look at Patricio Cabezut’s Career and Background:

Born on August 31 in Mexico City, Patricio Cabezut, aged 57, boasts a diverse and extensive career in the national entertainment industry. Beginning his journey as a radio announcer at just 16 years old, he quickly transitioned to television, where he found success as the host of various programs, including ‘Looking for a Star’, ‘Panorama Deportivo’, and ‘Pasarela’.


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Cabezut’s versatility extended beyond television, with forays into sports commentary for channels like Fox Sports Latin America and contributions to the music industry as a singer and composer for groups such as ‘D`TNT’ and ‘Místico’. He has also dabbled in acting, appearing in soap operas like ‘Storm in Paradise’.

Despite his professional achievements, Cabezut now finds himself embroiled in a scandal that threatens to tarnish his reputation irreparably. The allegations of sexual abuse against his own daughters have sent shockwaves throughout the entertainment industry and beyond, prompting soul-searching conversations about accountability and the protection of vulnerable individuals.

The situation continues to develop, with the public eagerly awaiting further updates on the case. As the search for Patricio Cabezut intensifies, the gravity of the accusations serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of addressing allegations of abuse with the utmost seriousness and urgency.

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