Pamphile Family Lost Three Children (Carl, Jovany, Brenda) In Car Accident: Obituary & GoFundMe

Pamphile Family Lost Three Children (Carl, Jovany, Brenda) In Car Accident: Obituary- On Friday, July 28th, 2023, a shocking incident happened where three individuals allegedly passed away. Yes, you heard it right, three people departed from this world in a fatal motor vehicle accident. Reportedly, three siblings were identified as Brenda Pamphile, Jovany Pamphile, and Carl Pamphile. Read more.

Pamphile Family Lost Three Children (Carl, Jovany, Brenda) In Car Accident: Obituary & GoFundMe

Brenda Pamphile Car Accident

According to the report, the devastating accident happened after 1 a.m., in the morning. The Clayton County police announced the fetal incident on Interstate 75, south in Clayton County. Law enforcement agency has clarified their assumption that the motor vehicle was running at a very high speed. Due to the high speed of the vehicle collided with another vehicle that was coming from the opposite direction. Clayton County said that during the accident two people have been thrown from the truck while three individuals died due to the fire. Later police found the victims and it came out that three of them are siblings.

Ever since the accident was reported by the police, it has been on various media channels. The police with a medical team reached the point of an accident on Interstate 75 South in Clayton County, right before the exit to Interstate 285 westbound. Later the medical team announced three of them were dead.

The law enforcement agency explained that the vehicle was rolled over on the road, and due to the heavy impact of the accident, the car has been damaged. The tragic accident also took the life of the dog. The driver of the second vehicle was immediately sent to the nearby hospital. As of now, the second driver’s identity has not been revealed.

Pamphile Family Mours Tragic Deaths of Carl, Jovany, Brenda

Jean Pamphile established the fund page to raise money. Jean Pamphile wrote: “On Friday, July 28th, 2023 at 4 a.m., my wife and I were awake by the news that made us devastated. Our children passed away in a tragic car accident. This tragic crash caused an explosion that killed our children, Brenda 18 years old, Jovany 14 years old, and Carl Pamphile 21 years old and our dog Zoe. Please help us as possible it can.”

$60,000 has been set by the Pamphile family. $7,150 was raised from the people. Raised money will use in the funeral service programs.

The obituary and funeral service will be released by the Pamphile Family soon. Follow For More

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