Miles King Lacey Obituary Nashville, Jesse and Andrea Lacey’s Son Passed Away

Miles King Lacey Obituary Nashville, Jesse and Andrea Lacey’s Son Passed Away: With great sadness, we announce the death of the beloved son of an American musician and singer, Andrea King Lacey and Jesse Lacay, Miles King Lacey. Nashville- based singer-producer lost their son in this tragic incident. It was posted on 2nd June 2023. Andrea King Lacey posted through her Instagram and inform her son’s death. Thoughts and prayers are with his family and friend During this misfortune.

Miles’ Mother Andrea King Lacey wrote on her social media post-Instagram, the post reads:

“I broke down to deliver the news to share the news of the death of our son, Miles, we lost him in the tragedy in February of 2022 while we grieved privately the previous year, we knew the time will come when we would share this devastating news.”

Miles King Lacey Obituary Nashville, Jesse and Andrea Lacey's Son Passed Away

Miles King Lacey Obituary

Andrea King Lacey added to say: “I do not have words to explain how much I miss my dear son. I know we are not alone in this setback and the love we carry for our son. Everyone who just loved my son can continue to find healing in the community. We never miss the time that we spent with Miles and the lasting effect his love, intelligence, and gentleness left with us.”

American artist, singer, songwriter and producer Jesse Thomas Lacey is known as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the alternative rock band Brand New. Jesse was a very shy person who loves to live mysteriously and privately.

Lacey was the original bassist in the band Long Island rock band Taking Back Sunday. He can easily handle heavy instruments in the band. But later, he left the band after a personal incident with guitarist John Nolan. Lacey began ‘Brand New’ in 2000 with members of the band Rookie Lot, they were also extremely relented at that time. Lacey was able to manage himself and handle his band ‘Brand New’ and finally he released the number-one record in the US with Brand New. Furthermore, Lacey has produced several songs with a co-producer, including Brand New, Kevin Devine’s Bubblegum, and a track by Cymbals Eat Guitars.

Miles King Lacey will release the obituary as he died last year in February. But his family announced this news to public on Friday 2nd June of 2023. Prayers and thoughts with the family, Rest In Peace.

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