Mike Krause Obituary, Wrestling Coach Krause Cause of Death & Funeral

Mike Krause Obituary, Wrestling Coach Krause Cause of Death & Funeral: Mike Krause Obituary, Wrestling Coach Krause Cause of Death & Funeral

Who was Mike Krause?

Mike Krause was one of the finest and most renowned coaches of youth wrestling based in the Nation. There is no doubt in the fact that Mike Krause had the most different techniques and contagious mindset that led the youth wrestlers to elevate their skills and abilities both on and off the mat. Reportedly, Mike Krause and The NXT LVL ARMY membership were building up the videos to motivate the youth wrestlers alongside the real practices of all levels.

Mike Krause Wrestling Coach Passed Away

We are extremely saddened to announce that American youth wrestling coach Mike Krause has passed away. Reports have suggested that Krause died unexpectedly and untimely on Thursday, October 5, 2023. This devastating news was confirmed by many of his friends and family members through social media posts, including Elizabeth Krause. Despite many have reacted to Mike Krause’s sudden demise, the details of his cause of death have not been revealed.

What was Mike Krause cause of death?

As mentioned, no one has shared or mentioned the information about Mike Krause’s cause of death, the circumstances surrounding his unexpected passing remain unknown. However, we are working on it to gather more details of his cause of death. Continue reading to learn Mike Krause Obituary. Elizabeth Krause wrote, “I’m heartbroken to notify everyone of the unexpected passing of Mike Krause (Coach Krause).”

Mike Krause Obituary

Mike Krause was a well-known coach of youth wrestling. He died on Thursday, October 5, 2023. His cause of death remains unknown at this time. He was a resident of Spring, Texas but he was a native of Livonia, Michigan. Mike Krause used to work as the head coach of NXT LVL Bandits and National Wrestling Clinician. Coach Krause studied at Michigan State University.

Mike Krause Funeral

Elizabeth Krause shared the details of Coach Krause’s funeral details. According to Elizabeth Krause’s Facebook post, the funeral service will take place in their hometown o Hartland Michigan. “The Red Cross is flying our son, Andrew, home on Sunday and funeral announcements will be announced soon after. The funeral will be in or around our hometown of Hartland Michigan.”

Mike Krause GoFundMe

Mitch Hancock is organizing the fundraiser. The GoFundMe page is titled “Mike Krause Memorial Children Educational Fund”. It is set with a goal of $25,000. As of now, the fundraiser has raised over $11,000. The description of the page reads,

Mike Krause Obituary, Wrestling Coach Krause Cause of Death & Funeral

“Please join us in keeping Coach Krause’s family, Beth, and their children Andrew, Bella, Jake, and Eva, and other special loved ones in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. As we await information about his funeral arrangements, let us consider the ways in which we can give back to our youth as Mike did for so many years. To honor his memory, we encourage you to consider making a donation to the Krause Memorial Fund. The fund is set up to help Beth and Mike’s children during this challenging time.”

Condolences to Coach Krause

Mike Moor, director at Wrestling Mindset and works for Wrestling Director at WAR Training Center and Senior Manager & Coach at Wrestling Mindset, wrote on Facebook, “Just got word that one of my good friends and hands down, one of the best coaches I know just passed – Mike Krause. Mike was one of the best clinicians of any sport on the planet. His ability to connect and teach, especially with kids, is a talent that very few possess. We’ve traveled the country together, he’s spent a week at my house, and have had many good times. I don’t know details and I’m just as shocked as you are. Please consider donating to the go fund me below for his educational fund

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