WATCH: Jamie Marr Sketch OF LEAK Exposed Video On Twitter and Reddit

In a shocking turn of events, popular streamer Jamie Marr, known online as TheSketchReal or Sketch, has been thrust into the spotlight after a hidden chapter of his past was revealed. Born Kylie Cox, Sketch has amassed over 1 million subscribers across YouTube and Twitch, making him a significant figure in the streaming community. However, recent revelations have put him at the center of intense drama.

Jamie Marr Sketch

Jamie Marr Sketch Video Leak

The controversy erupted in early July when images from an OnlyFans (OF) account, purportedly showing Sketch in s*xual acts with other men, surfaced online. These images are believed to date back to a period before Sketch’s rise to fame in 2023 and 2024. The authenticity of these images has since been verified, prompting Sketch to address the situation publicly.

On June 8, Sketch took to Twitch to share his side of the story in a live video lasting over nine minutes. He began with a heartfelt apology for the content his fans had seen:

Jamie Marr Sketch Is Streamer Sketch Gay? Is Twitch Streamer Sketch OnlyFans Model? Twitch Streamer Sketch LEAKED OnlyFans Gay Video Viral On Twitter

“Wasn’t planning on doing this today, but I guess so, ok, I’ll start from the top. Look at this, open and honest, that was me. That was me. It’s ok though, I will tell you what. Two years ago, I did some stuff, I’m sorry if you’ve seen some of the stuff. You know, I’m a changed person. This is going worse than I thought it was.”

Sketch initially joked about his past, mentioning his “s*xual relations with [a] man” two years ago, and expressed gratitude towards his supporters while advising fans to avoid searching for him on Twitter:

“So, two years ago, I did not have s*xual relations with that man! I’m just kidding, I did, possibly. Cat’s out of the bag! It’s ok. What else do I have to say? Thank you to all my people who have been sticking up for me, I understand if you’re mad. Shit hit the fan. Don’t go on Twitter. I didn’t delete Twitter, I have been cautiously avoiding it, it’s like f**king landmines everywhere I go. I was dealing with some addiction problems, a couple of them. But no excuse there, I guess, just trying to give you some background here.”

Jamie Marr Sketch Is Streamer Sketch Gay? Is Twitch Streamer Sketch OnlyFans Model? Twitch Streamer Sketch LEAKED OnlyFans Gay Video Viral On Twitter

He admitted to being in a dark place during that time, owning up to his previous presence on OnlyFans, and vowed not to repeat his mistakes:

“What else was I gonna say? Yeah, that was me, I f**ked up, I won’t do it again. I’m just kidding, but I am dead serious about not doing it again. That was a dark time, rough time. 89,000, who the f**k am I, Jynxzi? Hey, love my brother Jynxzi, not like that though, that’s my brother. I don’t know. Stay off Twitter, please! Shoutout Tfue, shoutout Steve. You know, I’m owning up to it. I don’t know how long these videos usually are supposed to go, but who knows? Fuck it, I might stream for an hour. Sonny, turn on DTS, or is that a bad idea? Someone text me if that’s a bad idea.”

Sketch revealed the toll this secret had taken on him over the past two years but noted that coming clean had lifted a “weight off [his] shoulders.” He even attempted to lighten the mood with a joke about some things still being “in the closet”:

“But on a real note, I’ve been living under the threat of that coming out for, like, two years. I started social media just kind of di*king around, had that in my past. I’ll tell you what, weight lifted off my shoulders. God is good, God is good all the time. But weight off my shoulders, to be honest. You have some stuff in the closet, no pun intended there, but yeah, it came out. I mean, I’ll tell you what, I was doing all this different stuff, I was going in the back of my mind, ‘Holy shit.’ And guess what, ‘Holy shit’ was last night, and I have a lot of people to credit.”

He disclosed that he had once considered “call[ing] it quits” if the information ever became public, but thanked those who supported him and kept him on the right path. Sketch mentioned figures like FaZe Banks and other close friends for saving him during this tumultuous period:

“I’ll be honest, Plan A was, I will say candidly, was to probably call it quits if this ever came out, but some people saved me. Shoutout Banks, shoutout my parents, shoutout y’all. I f**ked up, but I’m changed. Yeah, I think that’s about it though. My original plan was…there’s two things. One, either be delusional, think it’s never gonna come out, or two, what’s the plan after? The plan after was not very good. If I was alone and I was at my house, I probably wouldn’t be talking to you right now.”

In his video, Sketch drew comparisons to reality star Kim Kardashian, jokingly acknowledging the numerous references made about her leaked s*x tape:

“But, the people like FaZe Banks especially, and my friends that I’ve made over the past couple of years came and they saved me. I don’t know what I was gonna do. I don’t know, f**k it, we start streaming more often. I probably….or quit, one of the two. I mean, what’d Kim Kardashian? If I get one more text about Kim Kardashian, I swear that doesn’t make anything better. I’m just kidding, but I’ve been referenced to Kim Kardashian more today than I have in the past 20 years of my life. Pretty cool, wow, awesome job! Love y’all.”

Sketch assured his fans that he would return to streaming but indicated he might take a few days off to “hang out” and process everything:

“I probably should end. That was cool though. I’ll be back streaming, I don’t know. I’ll be back, just not an immediate…like, tomorrow. Probably, like, the day after or something. Probably gonna hang out. Pretty cool, though, I don’t know. Hey, I’d rather you know my flaws, though, so it makes it easier. I don’t want to be the poster boy. Love y’all.”

As of now, Sketch has not announced a specific date for his return to streaming and has remained silent since releasing this video. Fans can follow Sketch on his YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch profiles for future updates.

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