Ericka Stivers Pasco County FL Died In Accident, Ericka Stivers Obituary Hudson FL

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of Ericka Stivers, a Pasco County Fivay High School alumna, who passed away tragically and untimely on Thursday, November 23, 2023, i.e. yesterday. Since it is conveyed that Ericka Stivers has died, her family, friends, and all the people who knew her in person have been devastated. Everyone is mourning at this point in time. How did Ericka Stivers die and what was her cause of death? Further details have been poured into the below-placed sections. Continue reading.

Ericka Stivers Pasco County FL Accident

The news of Ericka Stivers’s demise was confirmed by various posts shared on social media by her friends and mates. One of her friends, Stephanie Lee who also shared a picture with Ericka Stivers, wrote “Ericka Stivers aww babygirl. Sisi stayed with you to the very end…. We all love you so much Red! Fly High Beautiful girl sisi misses you so much …. Words can not explain how broken we are for you n your family. ”

Ericka Stivers Pasco County

As per the reports, Ericka Stivers lost her life in a tragic accident. However, there are not ample details of the accident at this point in time. It can be said that Ericka Stivers passed away from the injuries she sustained in the fatal accident. Further aspects of the incident such as whether it was a single-vehicle accident, was she died at the scene, and more are not known. Read her obituary in the next section.

Ericka Stivers Obituary

Ericka Stivers was an alumnus of Fivay High School. She was a resident of Hudson FL. As of yet, the Stivers family has not released her official obituary, therefore, the funeral plans and memorial services are pending. However, Barb Joyce, a good friend of Ericka, urged people to gather on Sunday, November 26, 2023, at SIMS Park to celebrate her life.

Barb Joyce added, “Hey everyone, 7:30 pm at SIMS Park on Sunday, November 26th I want to celebrate Ericka’s life. I will have candles for everyone. Please share I want to see everyone there for her. Can’t believe I have to be doing this but everyone come say goodbye to my little sister.”

Another friend wrote, “Rest in Piece Ericka Stivers poor beautiful baby girl i hope you rest well and watch over your family. you’ll be missed and thought of forever you were so young and beautiful please tell your people you love them.”

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