Elisa Jordana Arrested: Why Was Howard Stern Employee Elisa Jordana Schwartz Arrested?

Former “Howard Stern Show” writer Elisa Jordana made headlines once again, but this time for all the wrong reasons. The YouTube livestreamer, also known as Elisa Schwartz, was arrested after a disturbing altercation with a man believed to be her boyfriend during a live broadcast.

Elisa Jordana Arrested

Elisa Jordana Arrested

In a shocking video clip circulating on social media, Jordana can be seen driving a car while engaged in a heated argument with the man sitting beside her. The situation quickly escalates as Jordana slaps the man multiple times, prompting him to retaliate by pulling her hair and forcing her out of the vehicle before the stream abruptly ends.

The exact cause of the altercation remains unclear, but the footage has sparked widespread outrage and concern among viewers. The clip gained traction on platforms like Reddit, where it garnered thousands of upvotes and comments within hours of being posted.

During the livestream, Jordana was reportedly accompanied by fellow YouTuber Zscorro, who was also involved in the altercation. Additionally, a woman named Sara allegedly called into the stream, claiming to have received thousands of dollars from Zscorro and prompting Jordana to threaten to leak her private information online.

Jordana, once known for her appearances on “The Howard Stern Show” and “Kermit and Friends,” has since transitioned into livestreaming on YouTube. Described as the “Queen of IRL Livestreaming” on her official account, Jordana has amassed a modest following of over 13,000 subscribers.

The incident, which occurred on April 8, 2024, has raised questions about the safety and well-being of both Jordana and the man involved. Despite the viral nature of the video, neither party has provided any public updates or statements regarding the incident.

As authorities investigate the altercation and its circumstances further, the incident serves as a sobering reminder of the potential dangers of livestreaming and the importance of responsible behavior online.


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