WATCH: Drake and Bobbi Althoff LEAKED Video Viral On Reddit and Twitter

The recent filing for divorce by Cory Althoff, the husband of renowned podcaster Bobbi Althoff, has sparked a social media frenzy, with users speculating that a viral video featuring Drake may be at the heart of the couple’s marital breakdown.

Drake and Bobbi Althoff LEAKED Video Viral On Reddit and Twitter

Drake and Bobbi Althoff Leaked Video

The divorce petition, citing irreconcilable differences, was submitted several months after rumors circulated regarding a possible romantic involvement between Bobbi Althoff and the Grammy-winning artist Drake. Despite Bobbi’s initial dismissal of these speculations, it appears that the controversy surrounding the alleged affair has reached a breaking point.

The tech executive, Cory Althoff, is seeking joint legal and physical custody of their two daughters, Luca (3) and Isla (1). Notably, the specified date of separation in the divorce filing is July 4, 2024, coinciding with Drake’s appearance on Bobbi’s podcast, “The Really Good Podcast.”

In August, Bobbi addressed the rumors surrounding her relationship with Drake, attempting to quell the speculation. However, reports now suggest that she missed her youngest child’s first birthday to accommodate Drake’s schedule, further fueling the ongoing controversy.

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The plot thickened when a video of Drake engaging in a rather intimate act surfaced on the internet. Social media users were quick to connect the dots, suggesting a correlation between the viral video and the sudden divorce filing by Cory Althoff.

Speculation on social media ranges from theories that Cory felt insecure after witnessing the size of Drake’s appendage to allegations that Bobbi intentionally leaked the video to salvage her relationship. Comments from users include sentiments like, “He saw Drake’s leaked video and remembered she interviewed him and said ‘nahhh,'” and another suggesting, “She def leaked the video – he found it on her phone, said leak it or I’m leaving you, she leaked it, and he still left her.”

As the internet continues to buzz with theories and opinions, the connection between the viral video and the Althoffs’ divorce remains speculative. Whether the video played a significant role in the breakdown of the marriage or is merely a coincidental twist in the saga, only time will tell as the high-profile divorce case unfolds in the public eye.

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