WATCH: Denise Richards Daughter Sami Sheen LEAKED OnlyFans Video Viral On Twitter and Reddit

Sami Sheen, the 20-year-old daughter of Hollywood stars Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards, has once again captured headlines with her latest venture into the world of adult content creation. Known for her presence on the adults-only platform OF (OnlyFans) since 2022, Sami has continued to push boundaries with her risqué content. However, her recent announcement of collaborating with her new boyfriend, TikTok star Aiden David, has taken her fans by surprise.

Denise Richards Daughter Sami Sheen LEAKED OnlyFans Video Viral On Twitter and Reddit

Denise Richards Daughter OF

In a social media post over the weekend, Sami teased her followers with half-naked snapshots of herself and Aiden, hinting at the type of content they could expect from their collaboration on OnlyFans. The 20-year-old explicitly stated that their “boy/girl collab” would be available for viewing on the platform, causing a stir among her dedicated fanbase.

Denise Richards Daughter Sami Sheen LEAKED OnlyFans Video Viral On Twitter and Reddit

Sami’s journey into the world of adult content began in June 2022 when she first launched her OnlyFans account. Despite facing criticism and disapproval from some quarters, including her father Charlie Sheen, Sami has remained steadfast in her decision to share X-rated content with her paying subscribers.

Her mother, Denise Richards, has been more supportive of Sami’s choices, publicly expressing her love and backing for her daughter’s decisions. However, Denise faced backlash herself when she playfully suggested collaborating with Sami on steamy content, prompting criticism from her followers.

Denise Richards Daughter Sami Sheen LEAKED OnlyFans Video Viral On Twitter and Reddit

In an interview last month, Denise clarified that while she supports her daughter, she has never collaborated with Sami on explicit content for OnlyFans. She emphasized that their relationship is separate from Sami’s professional endeavors on the platform.


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Sami Sheen’s upbringing has been a subject of public interest, given her parents’ high-profile status in Hollywood. Born on March 9, 2004, in Los Angeles, Sami grew up navigating the challenges of her parents’ divorce, which occurred when she was just a toddler. Despite the split, Denise and Charlie have strived to co-parent Sami and her younger sister Lola Rose Sheen with care and consideration.

Full Name Sami Sheen
Date of Birth March 9, 2004
Parents Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards
Boyfriend TikTok star Aiden David

Sami’s journey into adulthood has been documented through various stages, including her appearance alongside her mother on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In the public eye, Sami has experienced ups and downs in her relationship with both her parents, particularly with her mother, Denise.

However, Sami has forged her path, carving out a niche for herself on platforms like OnlyFans. Despite initial resistance from her father, Sami has continued to assert her independence and pursue her interests in modeling and content creation.

With her latest collaboration with boyfriend Aiden David, Sami Sheen shows no signs of slowing down in her quest to push boundaries and explore new avenues of expression. As she continues to navigate fame and adulthood, Sami remains a figure of intrigue, captivating audiences with her bold choices and fearless attitude.

Beyond her online presence, Sami enjoys indulging in her passions for tattoos and music festivals, showcasing her vibrant personality and eclectic tastes to her growing legion of followers.

As she embarks on this new chapter in her career, fans eagerly await to see what Sami Sheen will do next, proving that she is more than just the daughter of Hollywood royalty but a force to be reckoned with in her own right.

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