Denise Gagne Obituary Red Deer Alberta: MusicPlay Author of Themes & Variations Passed Away

The world of music education mourns the loss of Denise Gagne, a highly respected author, and music specialist passed away.

Denise Gagne Obituary Red Deer Alberta: MusicPlay Author of Themes & Variations Passed Away

Denise Gagne was not only an influential figure in the field of music education but also a prolific author. She leaves behind a legacy of invaluable contributions to the MusicPlay series, including well-known titles such as “Singing Games Children Love,” “Movement Songs Children Love,” “Rhythm Dice Games,” and many more. With an illustrious career spanning 35 years, Gagne dedicated her life to teaching band, choir, and classroom music from pre-school to Grade 12.

What Happened To Denise Gagne?

On Tuesday, February 27, 2024, at the age of 68, Denise Gagne passed away. Gagne had been battling a serious health condition for an extended period, displaying immense strength and courage in the face of adversity.

Denise Gagne Obituary Red Deer Alberta: MusicPlay Author of Themes & Variations Passed Away

Denise Gagne’s impressive educational background included degrees in music and education, coupled with Level 3 training in both Kodály and Orff methodologies. She had a Post-Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts (Kodaly) from the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Education in Music Education from the University of Saskatchewan.

Themes & Variations, a company founded by Denise Gagne, has been a cornerstone in music education since its creation in 1994. The company was incorporated in 1997 and has flourished under Gagne’s leadership, providing exceptional service to schools and supporting teachers with workshops, newsletters, website links, and email correspondence. As the managing editor of Themes & Variations, Gagne oversaw the development of numerous publications aimed at K-6 music teachers.

Denise Gagne’s influence extended far beyond Canada, with her serving as a workshop presenter in every Canadian province and territory and more than 40 states in the USA. Her impact reached international audiences, presenting regularly for Orff and Kodály chapters, music educator conferences, preschool and kindergarten conferences in Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Gagne’s resume included presentations at prestigious events such as ISME 2006 – the International Society of Music Educators Conference, MENC – the Music Educators National Conference in the USA, and AOSA – the American Orff Shulwerk Association National Conference. She also participated in 45 state conferences and provincial conferences across Canada.

Denise Gagne Obituary

John Jacobson shared on Facebook: Denise always tried to encourage every teacher and student and frankly, every writer too. The day before she passed I saw a short message she sent to a teacher who had a question about whether or not she could do something. Denise’s response was perfectly Denise. “Of course you can!” That was truly the spirit of our friend Denise Gagne. “Of course you can!”

Despite her significant achievements, the Gagne family has not yet released details regarding the services or the medical cause of Denise Gagne’s death. The family is expected to make an announcement shortly. The music education community and her countless students and colleagues around the world mourn the passing of a true luminary in the field. Denise Gagne’s impact on music education will continue to resonate for years to come.

Chad Harris remembers her: Music teachers around the world are grieving the lost of our friend, Denise Gagne. She was our teacher! Always gracious always kind always loving. Her creative ideas shaped how so many of us shared the gift of music with our own students. We mourn because it is a huge lost for each of us personally and for our profession. I am a better teacher because of Denise Gagne and she will always be remembered.

1. What was the cause of Denise Gagne’s death?

As of now, the Gagne family has not released details regarding the specific cause of Denise Gagne’s death. The family has maintained privacy regarding the circumstances leading to her passing. It is expected that further information regarding the cause of death will be announced by the family in the near future.

2. Are there any details about the funeral or memorial services for Denise Gagne?

The family has not yet disclosed details about the funeral or memorial services for Denise Gagne. Information about any services to commemorate her life and contributions is anticipated to be shared by the family once arrangements have been finalized. The music education community and her admirers await further details to pay their respects.

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