Carmel Cafiero Obituary; What Was Channel 7 Journalist’s Cause of Death and Age?

Carmel Cafiero Obituary; What Was Channel 7 Journalist’s Cause of Death and Age?: It is with profound sadness that we share the news of longtime investigation reporter Carmel Cafiero. Yes, you read it right, the trailblazer reporter Carmel Cafiero is no more between us. Reports have suggested that Carmel Cafiero passed away at a premature age. She died after raising the standard of journalism at Channel 7 where she worked for a total of 43 years. Throughout her 43-year-long career at Channel 7, Cafiero always asked challenging questions in her relentless pursuit of the truth. Not to mention, She was a fearless investigative journalist. She will forever be remembered in South Florida. Continue reading for Carmel Cafiero Obituary.

Carmel Cafiero Obituary; What Was Channel 7 Journalist's Cause of Death and Age?

What Was Carmel Cafiero Cause of Death?

The news of Carmel Cafiero’s sudden demise was confirmed by WSVN-TV. In the statement, the media outlet did not confirm her cause of death. But insiders have suggested that Carmel Cafiero had been struggling with age-related ailments for the past many days. Recently, her health condition deteriorated to an extent that caused her to die. Scroll down for Carmel Cafiero Obituary.

Who was Carmel Cafiero?

Carmel Cafiero was a well-known investigative journalist and news anchor based in Miami, Florida. However, she was born in New Orleans. She has had a long and distinguished career in journalism, particularly known for her investigative reporting.

She was widely known for her unwavering passion, dedication, and persistence toward her profession. Thus, she left an indelible dent in South Florida’s journalism community. Initially, Carmel Cafiero worked in radio prior to joining Baton Rouge-based WAFB-TV and becoming the 1st woman to present an evening show in the state. Later, she went on to join Channel 7 in 1973. Eventually, she became the network’s first female journalist when it was an era of male domination in newsrooms.

Carmel Cafiero Husband and Children

Carmel Cafiero was married to her husband Bob. However, it is not confirmed when and where Carmel and Bob tied the knot to each other. But they had been living together for a long time. Following their marriage, Carmel Cafiero was blessed with her daughter Courtney. Now she is survived by her two granddaughters Melanie and Mariah.

Carmel Cafiero Obituary

Michelle Marie wrote on social media, “A misty sadness washes over me like the squalls of a tropical cyclone. My dearest mentor passed away this morning. Rest in peace, former investigative 7 News journalist, Carmel Cafiero. In 1994, she gifted me the steady lens to see the budding journalist inside of me. Carmel took me swiftly under her wings and showed me the mirror peering into the broadcast television landscape. Overlooking the steep cliff, there were sharp barnacles, angry sharks encircling, and consuming waters below the adventure dive that brought me forward to kismet.”

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