WATCH: Camila Polizzi Fotos Filtradas en Arsmate el mega pack de video viral leaked on Telegram

This Friday, former mayoral candidate for Concepción, Camila Polizzi, made headlines by joining the adult content platform Arsmate, offering exclusive material to subscribers. Despite being under house arrest due to accusations of fraud and money laundering in the Covenants Case, Polizzi has capitalized on her situation, gaining attention and applause for her provocative content.

Camila Polizzi Fotos Filtradas

As part of her monetization strategy, Polizzi has set a subscription price of 24 dollars, or just over 23 thousand Chilean pesos, providing subscribers with access to her exclusive images on Arsmate. The controversial political figure quickly became one of the platform’s favorites, amassing over 1,200 likes on her photos within a short period.

Polizzi, who faces embezzlement accusations exceeding $200 million pesos in the Lingerie case investigation, announced her entry into Arsmate a week ago, inviting followers to view her unpublished material. However, one subscriber took it too far by leaking a video she had recently uploaded to the platform, causing a stir.

In response to the incident, Polizzi expressed gratitude to her subscribers in a video, stating, “I wanted to make this video to thank my subscribers, thank them for their support and tell them that I have been getting to know this platform for two days, so little by little I am going to upload more content.”

Despite the unauthorized leak, Polizzi remains committed to offering surprising content on Arsmate. She emphasized her growing familiarity with the platform, stating, “I can tell you that I have been getting to know this platform for days, so little by little we are going to upload content.”

Taking advantage of the attention garnered, Polizzi aims to deepen her connection with users, stating, “I’m going to be checking your messages, I have a lot of messages, so I can chat a little more,” indicating her desire to interact directly with her audience.

In the ongoing investigation of the Lingerie case, Polizzi faces charges including fraud, document falsification, identity theft, money laundering, and treasury fraud. The Prosecutor’s Office alleges a diversion of funds exceeding 250 million pesos to the En Ti Foundation, intended for local training but allegedly misused for personal purchases, including clothing and lingerie.

Under total house arrest as a precautionary measure, Polizzi has maintained an active presence on social networks, sharing images on Instagram that contrast with her legal situation. The posts, featuring her smiling and in a bikini, have sparked discussions about the public perception of her case and the expected conduct of someone under judicial precautionary measures.

For those interested in subscribing to Polizzi’s Arsmate content, the process involves logging into the platform and paying 24 dollars a month, equivalent to approximately 22,750 Chilean pesos. The subscription grants access to all uploaded content, which currently includes 16 photos and 5 videos.

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