WATCH: Bride Sepia Photographer Video Viral On TikTok, Who Are Alexandra Jaye Conder and Hannah ‘Han’ Elise?

Bride Sepia Photographer: In a series of viral TikTok videos, bride Alexandra Jaye Conder, formerly known as Alexandra Weinstein, has ignited a heated discussion about wedding photography and the crucial need for clear communication between couples and their photographers.

Bride Sepia Photographer

Bride Sepia Photographer

The saga began when Alexandra tied the knot in a lavish destination wedding in Anguilla last November. Photographer Hannah Elise was hired as part of the bride’s content team, which also included a videographer and a content creator. Initially, Alexandra “loved” the photos, but her enthusiasm waned after she received the final edits.

Bride Sepia Photographer

Frustrated with the sepia-toned images, Alexandra reached out to the photographer to request additional edits or access to the raw images so she could re-edit them herself. According to Alexandra, the photographer threatened to sue her for slander. This prompted Alexandra to take her grievances to TikTok, where her videos quickly went viral and divided social media users over what has been dubbed the “sepia bride” drama.

“Imagine paying almost $8,000 for a wedding photographer. And when you raised your concerns, they threatened to sue you for slander if you spoke your truth,” Alexandra stated in the first video of her 14-part series, which remains pinned to her TikTok profile.

Alexandra explained that she had chosen Hannah Elise based on her Instagram portfolio, which featured a “bright, airy” style with a golden hue. However, the photos from Alexandra’s own overcast wedding day did not meet her expectations. She noted that photographers should know how to handle overcast conditions and felt that her makeup appeared washed out in the images.

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When Alexandra raised her concerns, the photographer offered to edit the photos for an additional fee, but the results still did not satisfy her. She criticized the edits, stating that the colors and tones did not match her vision. In one video, she compared the edited photos to screenshots from her wedding video to highlight the differences.

@alexandrajaye5 #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Alexandra Jaye Conder

The controversy quickly spread across social media platforms, with mixed reactions from the TikTok community. Some users sided with Alexandra, agreeing that the sepia tone was unflattering. Others defended the photographer, arguing that the color grading was a stylistic choice influenced by the lighting and background of the wedding day.

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Professional photographers also weighed in on the debate. Hudson Valley NY Wedding Photo commented, “I think these are all gorgeous. The editing is consistent, the difference is the lighting & background, which plays a role in the final product.” Another photographer, @asiachristine_, added, “11 yrs as a wedding photographer — it’s 100% the lighting, location, backgrounds that makes them look so different. LOVE film edits, but it’s so tricky bc it can look so beautiful in some situations & muddy in others.”

The drama extended beyond TikTok to platforms like Threads, where discussions about the “sepia bride” continued. Alexandra responded to the online discourse by stating that she was taking notes for future brides on who to hire and who to avoid.

After her videos gained widespread attention, Alexandra posted a series of short clips from her wedding day, expressing gratitude to those who listened to her story. She announced that she would no longer discuss the issue and planned to redo her wedding portraits.

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In an email to the Daily Dot, Alexandra acknowledged that there was a miscommunication between her and the photographer regarding her vision for the photos. She stated that while she initially liked the photographer’s style, the final edits did not live up to her expectations. Alexandra emphasized that the photographer was talented, but the editing did not meet her standards for certain images.

As of now, Bride Sepia Photographer, Hannah Elise, has not responded to the “sepia bride” drama.

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