UPDATE: Bren Orton Missing, Where He Was Last Seen After Kayaking Accident In Switzerland?

Bren Orton, a celebrated kayaker and media producer from England, is missing following a kayaking accident on the Melezza River in Switzerland, according to his sponsor Pyranha Kayaks.

Bren Orton Missing

Bren Orton Missing Update

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce an accident involving Bren Orton,” wrote Pyranha Kayaks on their social media pages yesterday. “While kayaking with a group on the Melezza River in Switzerland, Bren became trapped in a recirculating feature and did not resurface. Authorities and friends are tirelessly continuing their search efforts, and at this time, Bren is considered missing.”

Bren Orton Missing

A recirculating feature, also known as a hydraulic, occurs when water flows back over itself, creating a powerful and often dangerous trap for kayakers. These features can be found in the steep, crystal-clear rivers of the Ticino Region, known for their challenging Class V rapids. Despite the inherent dangers, Orton, like many expert kayakers, was well-versed in navigating such treacherous conditions.

Details about the incident remain scarce. It is known that Orton was kayaking with friends on Thursday, May 16th, when he became ensnared in the hydraulic and did not resurface. Rescue efforts by both his companions and local authorities have so far been unsuccessful.

Bren Orton, 29, is renowned in the kayaking community for his exceptional skills and adventurous spirit. His YouTube channel, Senders, showcases his global kayaking expeditions, including trips to Norway, Africa, California, and various European destinations. Orton’s journey to professional kayaking was not without its challenges. In an interview with Paddling magazine, he reflected on his early days working odd jobs, from digging graves to manning call centers, before he could fully commit to his passion for kayaking.

Pyranha Kayaks expressed their profound sadness and urged the public to respect the privacy of Orton’s family during this difficult time. They remain hopeful as the search continues, but the community is bracing for the worst.

Orton’s disappearance has sent shockwaves through the kayaking world. Known for his infectious energy and positive outlook, he has inspired many with his breathtaking videos and dedication to the sport. The kayaking community holds its breath, hoping for a miracle while preparing for the possible loss of one of its brightest stars.

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