RIP: Big Wy Died, What happened to Inglewood rapper? Tony Dillon passed away

Big Wy Died, What happened to the Inglewood rapper? Tony Dillon passed away:With great sadness, we announce the loss of the beloved rapper of the American music industry, Big Wy. Yes, the news report came out that confirmed the death of Wytony Dillon aka Big Wy. The CEO, Rapper and Legend of Inglewood passed away tragically. The sudden death of Big Wy shocked many people.

The rapper industry, her fan, family mourn this death. The rapper group the Relatives and Young Soldierz mourn after receiving the information about the death. Wytony Dillon (Big Wy) was an important member of the rapper group The Relatives and Young Soldierz.

Big Wy Died, What happened to Inglewood rapper? Tony Dillon passed away


How Did Big Wy Die?

Big Wy Died as a result of an unwittingly medical condition that kept him in the hospital for weeks. Eventually, He passed away due to some medical illness. Information regarding his medical suffering is not surface online. It seemed some Mysterious disorder or mishap Big Wy was going through

Boardman RW mourn the death and reported on social media through wrote on Twitter, it read:

“Damn RIP OYG “BIG WY” a real pioneer in LA county, the worldwide famous Big Wy. You fought a good fight Damu, we will meet again someday, Your legacy will be on. #TheRelativez #RipRedRag #BigWy #BangnOnWax

Big Wy Died, What happened to Inglewood rapper? Tony Dillon passed away


Rapper Tony Dillon Dead

On December 30, 1973, the Rapper Wytony Dillon was born in Inglewood, California. Later, Wy became a member of Blood and Crips. In 1993, he made his first debut with the album Bangin’ on Wax.

He founded the band ‘Young Soldierz’ which was the point where he showcased himself as a rapper, and the group’s 1994 self-titled album was their first album that made sensation widely mean it was gone success.

Wy later joined the Blood-formed Damu Ridas, and the two of them made the album Deep Is Your Hood, the album released in 1999 album that has become the signature of their collaboration.

Big Wy, and Suga Buga, a former member of the Young Soldierz, with the group The Relativez they released between 2000 and 2007.

Tributes are sent in numbers to honour and remember the BigWy

A very talented brother has been fighting for his life and eventually, he lost the battle this afternoon. Big Wy was a wise, intelligent and determined person. He also was very funny, never losing the chance to laugh at us with his joke. I pray that God keeps with him, he is our brother. Rest Well Big Wy.

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