Update: Bayla Swid Missing Found Or Not, Last Seen In Miami

Update: Bayla Swid Missing Found Or Not, Last Seen In Miami- Recently, a missing news report on the internet about Bayla Swid, a woman who is resistant to Boca Raton. According to the report, she has been missing since July 15, 2023. Last time, she appeared with an unidentified 44-year-old man. After her disappearance, Swid’s family tried their effort to find out Bayal but couldn’t find her. Eventually, they argued with the police and authority to investigate the case. The family has taken this missing news on social media to inform the Bayla Swid’s missing. Learn about the post that had been posted by Swid’s family.

Update: Bayla Swid Missing Found Or Not, Last Seen In Miami

Bayla Swid Missing

In an Instagram post, the family wrote about Bayla Swid that she worked as a bartender at Loch Bar in Boca Ratan and she didn’t come to the bar since July 15.

The family of Bayla Swid also mentioned that since her disappearance her phone is switched off, and the location of her phone is also turned off and even she is missing from social media. She didn’t come online since her disappearance has been acknowledged.

The family raised concerns about Bayla Swid and the family also claimed that Bayla could be with an unidentified man who could be seen on the Swid’s social media page.

Before missing, Bayla has an image where she can be seen with a 44-year-old man. The family claimed that the 44-year-old person must have a connection with Bayla Swid. They argued with police and authority to identify the person.

On the Instagram post, Bayle’s family and friends have taken the post where they mentioned the missing which we have mentioned above the paragraph. You can read it there.

Family of Bayla Swid Missing Seeks Help

The family allegedly wrote about the unidentified man using an alias, Robert Davis or Bradly Davis.

On the Facebook post, a co-worker from the Loch Bar revealed that her last location was pinged from Miami from the Samsung device on July 27, 2023.

The family of Bayle requested known individuals, friends, colleagues, and the online community to help in this missing case. If you have any information about Bayle Swid, you can inform 911 to provide details.


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