WATCH: Baringo Women Rep Florence Jematia LEAKED Trending Viral Photos and Video On Twitter and Reddit

Florence Jematia, the Baringo Woman Representative, has recently found herself in the midst of a scandal after photos of her having ‘fun’ in a bedsitter with an unidentified man, believed to be from Generation Z (Gen Z), were leaked online. The leak followed a contentious exchange where Jematia was confronted over her political stance and comments about Gen Z.

Baringo Women Rep Florence Jematia LEAKED Trending Viral Photos and Video On Twitter and Reddit

Baringo Women Rep Viral Video

The man, who initially contacted Jematia via WhatsApp, threatened to release the photos unless she apologized for voting in favor of the controversial finance bill and for her disparaging remarks about Gen Z youths during a recent public function. The finance bill has been widely opposed by young people across the country, who have actively participated in protests against it.

In the WhatsApp messages, the man challenged Jematia: “Should you trend or we forgive you. I am waiting for your response.” Jematia responded defiantly, threatening him with dire consequences. “Do it and I will make sure you will die. This Government is mine. Just do it. 6 feet down and I will cement it myself,” she replied. Despite her threats, the man went ahead and leaked the photos, which quickly went viral.

The scandal intensified due to Jematia’s recent comments about Gen Z at a public function. In a video that surfaced online, Jematia criticized the younger generation for their perceived lack of work ethic and over-reliance on digital devices. “When you employ them, they can’t work because they are always on their phones. All they talk about is that they know their rights. We will pay fees for most of them through the Finance Bill,” she said.

Her remarks were met with widespread criticism, particularly from Gen Z individuals who have been at the forefront of opposing the finance bill. The youth-driven protests have been notable for their organization and passionate advocacy against what they see as unfair economic policies.

Among those who spoke out against Jematia’s comments was popular musician Daddy Owen, who urged politicians to adopt a more respectful tone when addressing Gen Z. “I think it’s high time politicians should look for a better approach when addressing GEN Z; remember, you are addressing a well-educated generation. They are enlightened and exposed! Some are even more educated than you!” he stated, highlighting the need for a more considerate dialogue with the younger generation.

Who Is Baringo Women Rep Florence Jematia?

Florence Jematia has been a prominent political figure in Kenya. She was appointed as the coordinator of the Jubilee Party’s campaigns in Baringo, Nakuru, and Elgeyo-Marakwet counties. Additionally, she was nominated by the Jubilee Party for the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA), where she was elected with 252 votes.

The incident has sparked a wider conversation about the relationship between politicians and the youth in Kenya. Many are calling for greater accountability and respect from elected officials, particularly when addressing younger constituents who are increasingly active and vocal about political and economic issues.

Baringo Women Rep Florence Jematia LEAKED Trending Viral Photos and Video On Twitter and Reddit

As the scandal unfolds, it remains to be seen how it will impact Jematia’s political career and her relationship with the voters in Baringo and beyond. The leak and her subsequent threats have undoubtedly put her under intense public scrutiny, raising questions about both her conduct and her political judgment.

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