Angie Stone Dead or Alive: Has R&B Singer Angie Stone Passed Away?

Angie Stone Dead or Alive: Has R&B Singer Angie Stone Passed Away?-  Recently, Angie Stone’s death news has been straddling on the internet. The R&B singer Angie Stone’s news is being covered by several social outlets. Reportedly, Angie Stone was diagnosed with diabetes in 1999. A few days ago, Angie’s TikTok video appeared on social media where she seems in a wheelchair. Since then, her death rumor being spread on the internet. Her followers have worried about her health condition. Although, Angie Stone is safe and completely healthy. It was just a rumor which was made to the public. Let’s grab more information about who did make this rumor.

Angie Stone Dead or Alive: Has R&B Singer Angie Stone Passed Away?

Angie Stone Dead or Alive

Before talking about the rumor. First, know who is Angie Stone. A Grammy-nominated Angie Stone debuted her singing career in the mainstream in 1979. She made her popularity when her track Brotha came to the surface, she gained a massive following through her music-hit tracks. Angie released many songs which made a special place in people’s hearts. Younger, older, and everyone feels good when they come into contact with her pleasant music. She still amazed her audience when she released her 10th solo album Love Language.

A TikTok video has made her fan worried because she appeared in a wheelchair and looked very sick. When the video was consumed by her fan. They flooded the comment section with their concerning messages. Later, on June, 4th, a Youtube channel having a title with Celebs News released a video about Angie’s death. The video was covering her life journey and goodbye message.

Angie Stone Dead?

The video quickly gained a lot of views in just a few hours. The fans fell into belief of her death, and they are sending prayers and condolences. However, the video was fake and bluff. Angie Stone is safe and healthy.

Since then, a rumor was being shared by many people, but they came to know that she is safe and totally fine. The singer is still uploading her images on social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, and others.

According to the report, the rumor was done with the intention, probably to gain attention from the public. Internet users often use this strategy to grab the attention of the public. They use false reports which could mislead the public. Reportedly, many star celebrities have faced this situation such as Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled, and Justine Bieber. Follow For More

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