RIP: Amanda Hicks died, Anderson Middle School Port Saint Lucie FL teacher found dead, Obituary

Amanda Hicks died, Anderson Middle School Port Saint Lucie FL teacher found dead, Obituary- Recently a report surfaced online at our desk and suggested that a teacher of Anderson Middle School was found dead on Sunday, 29th May 2023. Reportedly, The dead body was identified as Amanda Hicks, a resident of Port St Lucid, Florida. This incident caused devastation for every individual who knew Amanda Hicks. She was found dead mysteriously as this incident pushed everyone into an introspection state. The death news saddened many people who were part of Amanda’s life.

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Amanda Hicks Found Dead: Police Investigate As Homicide

The County Sheriff’s deputies announced the demise of Amanda Hicks to the media outlet. They said that she was found dead mysteriously. The case went into the investigation team as the team of police is trying to get information or tiny details to solve the case. The police ask every man, woman, neighbor and relative to find any suspicious activity which can bring light to the case.

Anderson middle school is helping the police by providing very tiny details that could help the investigation team.

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Amanda Hicks was a beloved teacher and she touches many hearts. She was of the most adorable teachers in his school, and his teaching style and uniqueness were warmly welcomed by people. Amanada nurturing nature and her dedication as a teacher touched the numerous student. Amanda’s contribution is big and cannot be forgettable.

How Amanda Hicks Died?

Amanda’s loving nature, her effect positively on the community, and the cherished smile she left behind.

Right now, the police did not arrest any suspect so far. Amanda Hicks’s tragic death is still under investigation. Her community, Anderson Middle School will provide any help that gonna be required. The police team are collecting all data to find the suspect. A further update will be released by the police department.

On Sunday, Amanda Hicks’s death incident report surfaced online. The circumstance around the death is still disclosed. Florida native Amanda was the teacher at Anderson Middle School.

The police urge the public if they have any information about Amanda Hicks’s life’s death. You can inform to Port St Lucie Department of Police.

Amanda Hicks Obituary

Robyn Vozzella shared a pic of Amanda Hicks and captioned it, “Another friend gone ……..You will be missed so much … Amanda Hicks”

Amanda Hicks died, Anderson Middle School Port Saint Lucie FL teacher found dead, Obituary

Alicia Jay commented on the post, “my daughter didn’t know her the way you do but is still so devastated”

Chad Gibson wrote, “So very sad how many people from our generation have been lost these past few years. My condolences”, Alicia Jay stated, “Senseless & Tragic”

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