WATCH: Adrienne Harborth Video LEAKED, Houston Elementary School Lamar CISD Teacher Films OnlyFans Videos

Adrienne Harborth, a former music teacher at Gray Elementary School in the Lamar Consolidated Independent School District (LCISD) in Fort Bend County, has been thrust into the spotlight after explicit videos surfaced showing her engaging in X-rated content on school property during work hours. The videos have sparked outrage within the community, leading to calls for her teaching certificate to be revoked.

Adrienne Harborth

The explicit videos, first posted by Grizzy’s Hood News under the title “Teacher Gone Wild,” depict Harborth shaking her bare breasts and buttocks in a classroom and a bathroom at the school. In one video, Harborth’s school ID badge with her name clearly visible, confirms her identity. Community leaders, including activist Quanell X, have expressed shock and outrage over the incident.

Quanell X and fellow activist Candice Matthews held a press conference outside Gray Elementary, condemning the behavior and demanding that Harborth be permanently barred from teaching. Quanell X described it as the “worst case of teacher misconduct” he had ever encountered. He emphasized the severity of the situation, noting the potential for such a teacher to harm children if not appropriately addressed.


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Matthews criticized the school district’s initial handling of the situation, accusing them of trying to keep the details from the public to avoid appearing negligent. She urged the district to report Harborth to the Texas Education Agency to prevent her from teaching elsewhere.

“This is how demented teachers go from one district to the next,” Matthews stated, insisting that sweeping the issue under the rug was not an option. She demanded immediate action to ensure Harborth could not continue in the teaching profession.

The LCISD responded by confirming that Harborth was no longer employed with them, though for reasons unrelated to the videos. The district stated that they were unaware of the explicit content until it was brought to their attention by a citizen. An investigation has been launched to determine the circumstances surrounding the filming of the videos.

The district’s statement read, “Our officers have opened an investigation and, upon initial review, do not believe that children were present during the filming of the videos. However, the investigating officer is working to verify the timestamp and circumstances surrounding the recordings. If the district finds that criminal behavior or conduct violating the Texas Administrative Code Educator’s Code of Ethics has occurred, we will engage with the appropriate reporting agencies.”

In an interview, Harborth admitted that making the videos was a mistake but insisted that they were filmed during times when no one else was around, such as weekends. She alleged that the videos were shared only with an ex-boyfriend during their relationship and accused him of releasing them as an act of revenge following a bad breakup.

“It was a poor judgment on my part,” Harborth said. “I would never do it again.” She emphasized that the videos were private and not intended for widespread distribution.

KHOU legal analyst Carmen Roe pointed out that while Harborth’s actions might be unethical, they might not necessarily be criminal. However, those who distribute the videos could face charges under Texas’ revenge p0*n laws. Roe noted that the state aggressively pursues such cases.

Currently living with family in Harris County, Harborth has filed a police report against her ex-boyfriend for possible revenge p0*n. She hopes that the incident does not permanently damage her career or reputation.

“All I can do is learn from this situation,” she said.

As the investigation continues, the community remains vigilant, insisting that appropriate measures be taken to ensure such incidents do not recur in the education system.

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