WATCH: Adisadel College Video Viral Outrage Sparked In Ghana

WATCH: Adisadel College Video Viral Outrage Sparked In Ghana- A viral video from Ghana country shocked the entire country when it appeared on the internet. The video has become a part of great controversy in Ghana country. Many people across the country condemned this incident as it appeared very shameful incident for the Ghana Education Service. What was the video? Let’s delve into the viral video that is being circulated on the internet.

WATCH: Adisadel College Video Viral Outrage Sparked In Ghana

Adisadel College Assault News

In the video, there is a brutal assault video of an Adidadel student who has been recorded and allegedly uploaded on the internet. Yes, you heard it right, in the video, there is one student who allegedly assaulted another student. According to the report, the video was recorded in the classroom of the Adisadel College where the whole incident was filmed and then uploaded on the social media platform. Read more.

Since it was uploaded on the internet, it raged so many people, as well as people outside the country. Even the parents of other students are deeply concerned about their safety. So Ghana Education Education came to defend the reputation that has been affected since the video leaked.

In the recent interview with the Ghana Education Service (GES) that was conducted on Monday, July 24th, 2023, GES described the act as violence and made a statement during the press.

“Management is deeply concerned about this incident and they must take serious action against such a student.”

According to the report, the school management took serious action against the alleged student who was involved in resulting the other student. Reportedly, the school has suspended the accused student.

GES applauds the school’s administration for dispensing the accused student. The GES praised the quick action that has been taken by the police administration against the perpetrators.

However, the Ghana Educational Service and the Adisadel College gave their assurance to the student’s parents about their safety. Parents and even the general public want more discipline in the school. Therefore, Ghana Education Service argued to parents for believing in the school system and committed to the future safety of the school student.

Adisadel College Video Viral

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