Abbey Horwitz Death: Dentist Killed By Trans Child In Virginia Beach

Abbey Horwitz Death: Dentist Killed By Trans Child In Virginia Beach- It is with a heavy heart and deepest sorrow that we inform you of the death of famous Virginia Beach dentist, Abbey Horwitz. According to the report, Abbey’s death was caused by the murder where his son was involved in the crime. Yes, you have heard right Abbey was killed by his Trans Child. Read the details at story end of the article.

The passing of Abbey Horwitz caused his family devastated. Many people are interested in learning why his son killed Abbey. Abbey lived in Virginia Beach. He was popular due to his kindness and his service contributed to the society. Abbey Horwitz’s death was widely popularly known. People are searching for the report on the Internet that covered this news. Right now, the death of Abbey Horwitz made the sensation on the social media post and is being covered by various social available on the Internet.

Abbey Horwitz Death: Dentist Killed By Trans Child In Virginia Beach

Abbey Horwitz Death

After the death of Abbey Horwitz, his friends, and his known individual were sending their prayers and thoughts to the family hoping that can reduce the burden on his family.

The dentist’s trans kid, Norah Horwitz, brutely murdered his Virginia Beach physician dad Dr Abbey Horwitz. When Abbey’s wife reached home, she found the dead body of his beloved husband that was brutally murdered by his Trans son. Later, the news was confirmed by Abbey’s wife through a social media post.

Abbey Horwitz Virginia Beach

The case went under the Virginia Beach Department police, this ambiguity is invested by the cops as they have taken the body and sent him to the postpartum to define the incident.

Reportedly, the police arrested his trans son to collect information that why he did this crime, as they are trying to find out the question and cause that led to this accident. The rest of the family and other relatives and neighbours are thinking and going into introspection. Further upcoming details will be defined at a later date.

The family of Abbey Horwitz will release the obituary and funeral service. We hope for the best of the family, our prayers and thoughts always went with the Abbey’s loved ones. Rest In Peace, Abbey Horwitz!

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