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Nathan Hibbitts Death, Augusta Eagles Football Player Dies, Obituary

Nathan Hibbitts Death, Augusta Eagles Football Player Dies, Obituary: In this article, we will take you through the death of a person, named Nathan Hibbitts. He was a resident of Augusta, Georgia. According to the report, Nathan Hibbitts Augusta GA passed away in the tragic accident. Yes, you have heard right Augusta Eagles Football Player passed away. Reportedly, he departed from this world after a few days of his 16th birthday. His dead report had surfaced online by the Augusta Eagles Football Team. Along with this, numerous people were sending prayers and support to Nathan’s family. Get more information in the following article as we have gone deep to analyze more details regarding Nathan’s death.

Nathan Hibbitts Death, Augusta Eagles Football Player Dies, Obituary

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Nathan Hibbitts Death: Cause of Death

Ever since the news came out, it made the whole community sad as Nathan was the joyful young boy in society. This made many people devastated and painful, especially his family, friends, and loved ones. Nathan was a wonderful boy who have a lot of skills, especially in football.  He was one of the best players in his Augusta Eagle Football Team as Nathan had collected a lot of appreciation from a lot of people. Nathan was brave, persistent, resilient, and confident, he possessed good player qualities within.

The Augusta Eagles Football have stated in the social media post, they said: “It’s with great sadness that our young teammate passed away, Nathan Hibbitts. He was a beloved member of our team. His death provides pain to many. We request please keep Nathan’s family in your prayers and thoughts during this difficult time.”

Nathan Hibbitts Augusta GA: Obituary

According to the various report, Nathan Hibbitts Augusta GA Death Cause is not defined by his family and friends. Seemingly, they want to keep this secret or are unable to define the circumstances surrounding the death.

Reportedly, The Nathan family has decided to release the obituary and funeral service program. After they will organize a memorial program where his family, relatives, friends, and loved ones will honor his remarkable memories. Meanwhile, we are sending thoughts and prayers to the Nathan Hibbitts family. Rest In Peace.

Roxanne Crawford wrote, “I was reminded yesterday of how precious our time is and my heart is broken for you Wesley N Keri Hibbitts. We loved Nathan so much and he meant the world to Logan. We are praying for all of you! CJ and Logan send their love”

April Campbell Ledbetter expressed her distress by writing, “I was really hoping we’d all wake up today and yesterday would never have happened. But if you don’t really fall asleep well you can’t wake up from a nightmare. My little cousin Nathan (turned 16 on Monday ) is playing football with Jesus now. I’d like to think he passed his heavenly driver’s test and is getting to be Jesus’chauffeur for a few days. We know he got the parallel parking down perfect Tuesday night. This family will never be whole again without you but we will carry you with us always! We love you Nathaniel Harrison Hibbitts”

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