Morgan Wallen Mugshot: What Actually Happened in Nashville? Arrest and Charges Explained

Country music artist Morgan Wallen found himself in trouble with the law once again as he was arrested overnight in Nashville. The arrest came after an incident involving the alleged throwing of a chair from a downtown rooftop, leading to felony charges. Wallen’s mugshot, in which he appears to be smiling, has been circulated widely in the aftermath of the incident.

Morgan Wallen Mugshot

Morgan Wallen Mugshot Viral On Social Media

According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, the 30-year-old singer was booked into jail early Monday morning on charges of reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. The charges stem from an incident late Sunday night when a chair was reportedly thrown from the roof of Chief’s Bar, a six-story building in the city’s entertainment district on Lower Broadway.

Witnesses reported seeing Wallen pick up the chair, toss it over the railing, and laugh afterward. Police officers on the scene confirmed the account and subsequently arrested Wallen, citing the danger posed to the public and the two officers who were nearby.

The arrest affidavit revealed that officers reviewed video footage of the incident, which showed Wallen “lunging and throwing an object off the roof,” further corroborating witness statements. Despite the seriousness of the charges, Wallen appeared to be smiling in his mugshot, raising questions about his demeanor during the arrest.

Wallen, who rose to fame with hits like “More Than My Hometown,” has been a controversial figure in recent years. In 2021, he faced backlash after a video surfaced showing him using a racial slur. The incident prompted apologies from Wallen and widespread condemnation from the music industry.

Wallen’s attorney, Worrick G. Robinson, confirmed the arrest and stated that Wallen is cooperating fully with authorities. The singer was released from jail after posting a bond of $15,250 and is scheduled to appear in court next month for a settlement hearing on the charges.

Despite his legal troubles, Wallen’s popularity in the country music scene remains evident. His most recent album, “One Thing at a Time,” topped the Billboard 200 chart and included the chart-topping hit “Last Night.” Additionally, Wallen made headlines earlier this year when he announced plans to open a six-story bar in Nashville called “This Bar.”

The latest arrest adds another chapter to the tumultuous journey of Morgan Wallen, whose career has been marked by both success and controversy. As he navigates the legal proceedings ahead, fans and critics alike will undoubtedly be watching closely to see how the situation unfolds.

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