Kali Roque Monmouth Oregon Died In Accident, Kali and Braulio Roque Obituary & GoFundMe

Kali Roque Monmouth Oregon Died In Accident, Kali and Braulio Roque Obituary:We are saddened to announce the death news of Kali Roque and Braulio Roque which brought a tear to every individual to those who were connected to him. They died in a tragic accident leaving behind their beautiful children and friends. We got this information through various sources, there is a post on Facebook, social media platform claiming this demise news on Tuesday 4th April 2023. Let’s consider Kali and Braulio down below,

Kali Roque Monmouth Oregon Died In Accident, Kali and Braulio Roque Obituary

Kali Roque Monmouth Oregon Death

She was a beautiful and highly intellectual lady, having a good sharp, broad mind. She was the mother of two children, she has two beautiful children, and she raised them very well, whiKali’sli’si’s greatness. She was a woman with extraordinary intelligence, moreover, she had the capacity for generosity. She was passionate and also had a broad perspective to think, she was also quite generous with the information. In addition, She was quite generous with the information which helped in dealing with life.

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Kali and Braulio Roque Obituary

We pray for Kali’s family in this difficult phase of life, and we hope they will recover from this hard situation soon, Kali was the mother of two children, one child is 4 years and another child is 6 years, she lost both of their presents in this tragic accident. one of Kalifriendsend has raised fund on the funding site to help kali’s family, you can read about this, you must scroll down the article to get proper detail.

Kali Roque GoFundMe

Kali’s friends launched GoFundMe for helping her family. The page is titled “Two precious children now orphans at ages 4 and 6” At this time we are writing this article, $17,615 money has been raised out of $20,000, and 204 donors helped to raise money. There is still the amount left to raise, you can also help Kali’s family by donating money just hit the link, and after then, you will be gone directly to the fund page.

The link is here, we hope Kali’s family overcome this hard situation and her children would complete their education and live happy life. We urge the readers that share this article with their family and friends and keep tracking our work in this case, keep sharing this article to help Kali’s family. Rest in peace Kali Roque and Braulio Roque. Follow Thecrunchyreport.com For More

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