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[RIP] Sylvan Lake Firefighter Joey Manson Died, Alberta, Obituary

It is saddening to know that an officer of Sylvan Lake Fire Department lost his life on Monday night. The firefighter was known as Joey Manson, the owner of Centric Health and Safety Training Services. We learned about Joey’s untimely demise through a post shared by Sylvan Lake Fire Department on Facebook. As per the Facebook post, Joey Manson died tragically on Monday, 16th January 2023. But the question of interest is how did Joey Manson die or what went wrong with him that caused him to die suddenly.

Sylvan Lake Firefighter Joey Manson Died

Joey Manson Died, What Happened To Joey Manson?

As mentioned, Sylvan Lake Fire Department revealed this news, but it is still yet to know what were the circumstances surrounding his tragic death. The fire department omitted Joey Manson cause of death. Currently, it is not clear how did Joey Manson die.

The post that Sylvan Lake Fire Department posted reads, “It is with a heavy heart we announce the loss of FIrefighter Joey Manson, who passed away last night. He touched many lives with his infectious smile, and service to this community.”

Following his demise, people in a large volume poured tributes and sent their heartfelt condolences to the SLFD and his family. Likewise, Kyle Bouyers wrote, “The world is in a bad state today. It’s less a person, a brother, a son, a husband, a best friend, a colleague, and not least of all, a paramedic! ”

“I’m mad at you. I’m sad for you. My heart breaks for you! But, I love you bro! Always will. Until I get to see you again! I hope you found your peace!

To my colleagues who knew him, and those who didn’t, our industry is in pain! Lean on each other.

Rest easy brother, we’ve got it from here!! (A line I’m really getting tired of saying!!!)”
Joey was the type of person who liked to help others in need no matter if he also had to use his own belongings.

Joey Manson Obituary

Talking about Joey Manson. He got a certificate of recognition from Sgt. Gary Rhodes of Sylvan Lake Detachment for helping in apprehending a fugitive prisoner when an RCMP officer got injured while capturing the fugitive prisoner.

People who were close to him knew very well that he was very committed to his work. Lindsay Hoffman recalled a moment when he used to go to school with Joey. He said, “I remember a news special filmed at our school about CPR and there was Joey front line right in there showing how it’s done.” Follow For More



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