Blake Bozeman Died In Cru Lounge DC Shooting On H Street, Obituary

Blake Bozeman Died In Cru Lounge DC Shooting On H Street: Blake Bozeman was the son of Todd Bozeman who is best known for being a former college basketball coach, notably coaching at the University of California, Berkeley. According to the reports, Blake Bozeman lost his life in a shocking turn of events when gun violence occurred in a nightclub located on H Steet.

Blake Bozeman Died In Cru Lounge DC Shooting On H Street

How Did Blake Bozeman Died?

The former Morgan State University Basketball Player Blake Bozeman became the victim of a shooting in Cru Lounge. As a result of tragic gun violence in the nightclub, Blake Bozeman succumbed to a fatal gunshot wound. His cause of death was linked to a gunshot. Blake Bozeman died at the age of 31.

Talking about the Cru Lounge shooting incident, occurred last night at around 11:54 p.m. at a nightclub located in the 1300 block of H Street, DC. Robert Jones who is Norfolk State University men’s basketball coach, reacted to the tragic death of Blake Bozeman on Sunday morning. He said, “This senseless gun violence gotta stop! Another young man lost. RIP Blake Bozeman and condolences to Coach Todd Bozeman. Damnit!  Fierce competitor like his dad on that court and we had many battles! This has to stop !”

Blake Bozeman Obituary

Blake Bozeman Died In Cru Lounge DC Shooting On H Street

Lisa Lattimore stated, “Please pray for my son, Jeremy and the family of Blake Bozeman, one of his close friends and teammates. He was an amazing young man and athlete.. I’m so sick of this senseless killing. My heart is aching, I can’t take anymore… he too was a son to me”

Michael Whitaker wrote, “Praying for Coach Todd Bozeman and his Wife & the entire Bozeman family as they grieve the passing of their Son (RIP Blake Bozeman) Praying for Blake’s Wife and kids, I’ve always admired Todd Bozeman Marriage, his relationship with his kids and Grandkids! May God’s Grace be sufficient for the entire family and God grant them all a peace that passes all natural understanding”

Who Is Todd Bozeman?

Todd Bozeman used to be a college basketball coach. He was born on November 2, 1963, in Baltimore, Maryland. One of the notable parts of his career was coaching at the University of California, Berkeley (often called Cal). He was the head coach of the men’s basketball team there from 1993 to 1996.

At Cal, Bozeman did well as a coach. He led the team to the NCAA Tournament three times and the NIT once. However, there were problems during his time at Cal. Some people accused him of breaking the rules in recruiting players and giving improper payments. Because of this, he left Cal in 1996.

After leaving Cal, Bozeman couldn’t coach college basketball for eight years because of the rule violations. But later, in 2006, he started coaching again at Morgan State University. There, he had success in improving the program and taking the team to the NCAA Tournament multiple times.

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